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13151 JAMMU TAWI EXP Running status

Departure11:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Jul 2018 2:15
1Kolkata11:45Right TimeYet to start
2Dakhineswar12:0312:04Right Time9 km
3Kamarkundu12:3612:37Right Time36 km
4Barddhaman13:2413:34Right Time97 km
5Panagarh14:0814:09Right Time145 km
6Durgapur14:2514:27Right Time160 km
7Andal Jn14:4214:44Right Time178 km
8Raniganj14:5414:55Right Time185 km
9Asansol Jn15:1515:20Right Time203 km
10Kulti15:4015:41Right Time217 km
11Barakar15:4915:50Right Time221 km
12Kumardubi15:5715:58Right Time223 km
13Dhanbad Jn16:5016:55Right Time262 km
14Gomoh Jn17:2417:34Right Time291 km
15Parasnath18:1318:15Right Time309 km
16Hazaribagh Road18:3418:36Right Time336 km
17Parsabad18:5318:55Right Time358 km
18Koderma19:1419:16Right Time385 km
19Gujhandi19:2619:28Right Time395 km
20Gurpa19:5219:54Right Time417 km
21Paharpur20:0720:09Right Time429 km
22Tankuppa20:2220:24Right Time441 km
23Gaya Jn21:0521:10Right Time461 km
24Guraru21:2721:29Right Time482 km
25Rafiganj21:4121:43Right Time498 km
26Jakhim21:5321:55Right Time510 km
27Anugrah Narayan Road22:0922:11Right Time530 km
28Son Nagar Jn22:2022:22Right Time540 km
29Dehri On Son22:3222:34Right Time546 km
30Sasaram22:4622:48Right Time564 km
31Kudra23:0623:08Right Time589 km
32Bhabua Road23:2323:25Right Time611 km
33Saidraja23:4523:47Right Time640 km
34Chandauli Majhwar23:5523:57Right Time649 km
35DDU01:2501:45Right Time664 km
36Kashi02:1602:18Right Time675 km
37Varanasi Jn02:3502:50Right Time681 km
38Jaunpur Jn03:4203:44Right Time738 km
39Shahganj Jn04:1204:17Right Time771 km
40Malipur04:3704:38Right Time796 km
41Akbarpur Jn04:5604:58Right Time815 km
42Goshainganj05:2105:22Right Time837 km
43Ayodhya05:5405:56Right Time869 km
44Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar06:0606:07Right Time874 km
45Faizabad Jn06:2006:25Right Time876 km
46Sohwal06:4106:42Right Time891 km
47Rudauli07:2507:26Right Time914 km
48Daryabad08:1108:12Right Time937 km
49Safdarganj08:3508:36Right Time957 km
50Barabanki Jn09:1109:13Right Time976 km
51Lucknow10:2010:45Right Time1004 km
52Malihabad11:1711:18Right Time1028 km
53Sandila11:3611:38Right Time1052 km
54Balamau Jn11:5511:57Right Time1073 km
55Hardoi12:3012:35Right Time1106 km
56Roza Jn13:3013:35Right Time1161 km
57Shahjehanpur13:5213:57Right Time1168 km
58Tilhar14:1314:15Right Time1187 km
59Pitambarpur14:4114:43Right Time1219 km
60Bareilly15:1015:15Right Time1239 km
61Clutterbuckganj15:2615:28Right Time1247 km
62Milak15:5415:56Right Time1279 km
63Rampur16:2016:25Right Time1302 km
64Moradabad17:0817:18Right Time1330 km
65Kanth17:5317:55Right Time1359 km
66Seohara18:1018:12Right Time1375 km
67Dhampur18:2618:28Right Time1389 km
68Nagina18:4418:46Right Time1406 km
69Najibabad Jn19:1019:15Right Time1428 km
70Chandok19:3219:34Right Time1446 km
71Raisi19:5219:54Right Time1461 km
72Laksar Jn20:1020:13Right Time1469 km
73Roorkee20:3420:37Right Time1487 km
74Saharanpur21:2521:35Right Time1522 km
75Yamunanagar Jagadhri22:0222:03Right Time1552 km
76Jagadhri Workshop22:0922:11Right Time1557 km
77Ambala Cant Jn23:0023:10Right Time1603 km
78Ambala City23:2423:25Right Time1611 km
79Rajpura Jn23:5023:51Right Time1631 km
80Sirhind Jn00:1300:15Right Time1657 km
81Khanna00:2900:30Right Time1675 km
82Ludhiana Jn01:4501:55Right Time1717 km
83Phillaur Jn02:0802:10Right Time1730 km
84Phagwara Jn02:2902:31Right Time1753 km
85Jalandhar Cant02:5202:57Right Time1769 km
86Tanda Urmar03:3303:35Right Time1812 km
87Dasua04:1404:16Right Time1827 km
88Mukerian04:3404:36Right Time1842 km
89Pathankot Cantt06:1306:18Right Time1882 km
90Sujanpur06:3106:33Right Time1890 km
91Kathua06:5006:52Right Time1905 km
92Chakdayala07:1807:19Right Time1931 km
93Hira Nagar07:2307:25Right Time1934 km
94Samba07:4407:46Right Time1949 km
95Vijaypur Jammu08:0708:09Right Time1960 km
96Jammu Tawi09:30Right Time1981 km