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13152 KOLKATA EXP Running status

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Jammu Tawi-JAT
EExpected18:55 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jammu Tawi18:55Right TimeYet to start
2Vijaypur Jammu19:1319:15Right Time20 km
3Samba19:2819:30Right Time32 km
4Hira Nagar19:4519:46Right Time47 km
5Chakdayala19:5019:51Right Time50 km
6Kathua20:5720:59Right Time76 km
7Sujanpur21:1821:20Right Time91 km
8Pathankot Cantt22:0522:10Right Time99 km
9Mukerian22:4722:49Right Time138 km
10Dasua23:0523:07Right Time154 km
11Tanda Urmar23:2023:22Right Time169 km
12Jalandhar Cant00:1000:15Right Time212 km
13Phagwara Jn00:2800:30Right Time228 km
14Ludhiana Jn01:5502:05Right Time264 km
15Khanna02:4702:49Right Time306 km
16Sirhind Jn03:0503:07Right Time324 km
17Rajpura Jn03:2503:26Right Time350 km
18Ambala City03:5503:57Right Time370 km
19Ambala Cant Jn04:2004:30Right Time377 km
20Jagadhri Workshop05:0705:09Right Time424 km
21Yamunanagar Jagadhri05:1505:20Right Time428 km
22Saharanpur06:0006:10Right Time459 km
23Roorkee06:4006:42Right Time493 km
24Laksar Jn07:0207:05Right Time512 km
25Raisi07:1307:15Right Time519 km
26Chandok07:3107:33Right Time535 km
27Muazzampur Narain Jn.07:4207:44Right Time542 km
28Najibabad Jn08:0008:03Right Time553 km
29Nagina08:2108:23Right Time575 km
30Dhampur08:4308:45Right Time592 km
31Seohara09:0109:03Right Time605 km
32Kanth09:1909:21Right Time622 km
33Moradabad10:3010:40Right Time651 km
34Rampur11:1011:15Right Time679 km
35Milak11:3611:38Right Time702 km
36Clutterbuckganj12:0712:09Right Time734 km
37Bareilly12:2512:30Right Time742 km
38Pitambarpur12:4712:49Right Time762 km
39Tilhar13:1913:21Right Time794 km
40Shahjehanpur13:4713:52Right Time812 km
41Roza Jn14:0114:03Right Time820 km
42Anji Shahabad14:2814:30Right Time843 km
43Hardoi14:5815:00Right Time875 km
44Balamau Jn15:3015:32Right Time908 km
45Sandila15:5115:53Right Time928 km
46Malihabad16:1516:17Right Time953 km
47Lucknow17:0517:30Right Time977 km
48Barabanki Jn18:0518:07Right Time1005 km
49Safdarganj18:2718:28Right Time1024 km
50Daryabad18:5018:51Right Time1043 km
51Rudauli19:1219:13Right Time1066 km
52Sohwal19:5920:00Right Time1089 km
53Faizabad Jn20:4620:51Right Time1104 km
54Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar21:0121:02Right Time1107 km
55Ayodhya21:1121:13Right Time1112 km
56Goshainganj21:5521:57Right Time1143 km
57Akbarpur Jn22:1822:20Right Time1166 km
58Malipur22:3722:38Right Time1185 km
59Shahganj Jn23:0523:10Right Time1209 km
60Jaunpur Jn23:4723:51Right Time1243 km
61Varanasi Jn01:2001:30Right Time1300 km
62Kashi01:4601:48Right Time1306 km
63Mughal Sarai Jn02:3503:00Right Time1319 km
64Chandauli Majhwar03:1503:16Right Time1335 km
65Saidraja03:2503:26Right Time1344 km
66Bhabua Road03:4603:47Right Time1372 km
67Kudra04:0404:05Right Time1395 km
68Sasaram04:2504:27Right Time1420 km
69Dehri On Son04:4004:42Right Time1438 km
70Son Nagar Jn04:4904:50Right Time1444 km
71Anugrah Narayan Road05:0005:01Right Time1454 km
72Jakhim05:1705:18Right Time1474 km
73Rafiganj05:3005:31Right Time1485 km
74Guraru05:4505:46Right Time1501 km
75Gaya Jn06:0606:11Right Time1523 km
76Tankuppa07:1207:14Right Time1543 km
77Paharpur07:2507:27Right Time1555 km
78Gurpa07:3707:39Right Time1567 km
79Gujhandi08:0308:05Right Time1589 km
80Koderma08:1508:17Right Time1599 km
81Parsabad08:3808:40Right Time1625 km
82Hazaribagh Road08:5708:59Right Time1647 km
83Parasnath09:2009:25Right Time1675 km
84Gomoh Jn09:4209:52Right Time1692 km
85Dhanbad Jn10:1810:23Right Time1722 km
86Kumardubi11:0211:04Right Time1761 km
87Barakar11:0711:09Right Time1763 km
88Kulti11:1411:16Right Time1766 km
89Asansol Jn11:3511:50Right Time1781 km
90Raniganj12:0512:07Right Time1799 km
91Andal Jn12:1812:20Right Time1806 km
92Durgapur12:4312:45Right Time1824 km
93Panagarh12:5512:57Right Time1839 km
94Barddhaman13:3813:43Right Time1887 km
95Kamarkundu14:3414:36Right Time1948 km
96Dakhineswar15:0715:08Right Time1975 km
97Kolkata15:45Right Time1984 km