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13163 HATE BAZARE EXP Running status

Departure20:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Jan 2019 2:15
1Sealdah20:10Right TimeYet to start
2Naihati Jn20:5921:02Right Time41 km
3Bandel Jn21:2221:27Right Time49 km
4Ambika Kalna21:5922:00Right Time92 km
5Nabadwip Dham22:2522:30Right Time115 km
6Katwa Jn23:2123:26Right Time157 km
7Salar23:4223:43Right Time174 km
8Bazarsau00:0000:01Right Time187 km
9Khagraghat Road00:3500:36Right Time215 km
10Azimganj01:2001:30Right Time229 km
11Jangipur Road01:5902:00Right Time264 km
12Nimtita02:3602:37Right Time284 km
13New Farakka Jn03:3303:38Right Time309 km
14Malda Town04:3004:45Right Time343 km
15Old Malda04:5604:58Right Time349 km
16Eklakhi05:1005:12Right Time363 km
17Samsi05:2605:28Right Time378 km
18Bhaluka Road05:3805:40Right Time388 km
19Harishchandrapur05:5005:52Right Time399 km
20Kumedpur06:0306:05Right Time405 km
21Labha06:1506:17Right Time411 km
22Katihar Jn07:4508:10Right Time434 km
23Semapur08:2308:25Right Time445 km
24Karagola Road08:3608:38Right Time456 km
25Kursela08:5308:55Right Time473 km
26Naugachia09:1409:16Right Time491 km
27Thana Bihpur Jn09:3309:35Right Time507 km
28Narayanpur09:4309:45Right Time515 km
29Mahesh Khunt10:0810:10Right Time539 km
30Mansi Jn11:1011:20Right Time549 km
31Koparia11:3911:41Right Time570 km
32S Bhakhtiyarpur11:5111:53Right Time577 km
33Saharsa Jn12:45Right Time594 km