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13185 GANGASAGAR EXP Running status

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EExpected17:45 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Sealdah17:45Right TimeYet to start
2Bidhannagar Road17:5317:54Right Time6 km
3Naihati Jn18:4318:48Right Time40 km
4Bandel Jn19:1119:15Right Time49 km
5Barddhaman20:3620:40Right Time116 km
6Durgapur21:2721:32Right Time180 km
7Raniganj21:5021:51Right Time205 km
8Asansol Jn22:0922:14Right Time223 km
9Chittaranjan22:3822:39Right Time248 km
10Madhupur Jn23:1823:21Right Time304 km
11Jasidih Jn23:4523:50Right Time333 km
12Jhajha01:0001:05Right Time377 km
13Barauni Jn03:3503:45Right Time470 km
14Dalsingh Sarai04:1404:16Right Time498 km
15Samastipur Jn04:4505:10Right Time521 km
16Haiaghat05:3205:34Right Time543 km
17Laheria Sarai05:4805:53Right Time554 km
18Darbhanga Jn06:1506:25Right Time559 km
19Sakri Jn06:4606:51Right Time578 km
20Madhubani07:1007:15Right Time595 km
21Rajnagar07:2307:25Right Time605 km
22Jaynagar08:50Right Time627 km