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13201 RJPB LTT EXP Running status

Departure23:55 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated17 Aug 2018 2:15
1Rajendranagar T23:55Right TimeYet to start
2Patna Jn00:1000:20Right Time2 km
3Danapur00:3500:37Right Time12 km
4Sadisopur00:4600:48Right Time25 km
5Bihta00:5400:56Right Time30 km
6Ara01:1501:20Right Time51 km
7Bihiya01:3401:36Right Time73 km
8Buxar02:1002:15Right Time120 km
9Chausa02:2302:25Right Time131 km
10Gahmar02:3502:37Right Time141 km
11Dildarnagar Jn02:5202:54Right Time156 km
12Zamania03:0003:05Right Time170 km
13DDU04:0904:19Right Time213 km
14Ahraura Road04:4304:45Right Time227 km
15Kailahat04:5604:58Right Time236 km
16Chunar Jn05:1005:12Right Time246 km
17Mirzapur05:4005:45Right Time277 km
18Vindhyachal05:5405:56Right Time284 km
19Manda Road06:1806:20Right Time312 km
20Meja Road06:4106:43Right Time328 km
21Allahabd Chheoki08:1008:15Right Time353 km
22Shankargarh09:0409:06Right Time396 km
23Dabhaura09:5309:55Right Time428 km
24Manikpur Jn10:4510:50Right Time451 km
25Majhgawan11:1811:20Right Time488 km
26Jaitwar11:3811:40Right Time509 km
27Satna12:1012:20Right Time529 km
28Maihar12:4312:45Right Time564 km
29Jukehi13:1813:20Right Time610 km
30Katni13:3513:40Right Time627 km
31Sihora Road14:1814:20Right Time679 km
32Jabalpur15:1015:20Right Time718 km
33Madan Mahal15:2815:30Right Time721 km
34Shridham16:0316:05Right Time771 km
35Narsinghpur16:3816:40Right Time802 km
36Kareli16:5116:53Right Time817 km
37Gadarwara17:1317:15Right Time846 km
38Salichauka Road17:2817:30Right Time860 km
39Bankhedi17:4117:43Right Time877 km
40Pipariya17:5818:00Right Time895 km
41Sohagpur18:1518:17Right Time913 km
42Bagra Tawa18:3418:36Right Time936 km
43Itarsi Jn20:3520:45Right Time963 km
44Banapura21:1121:13Right Time996 km
45Timarni21:3321:35Right Time1024 km
46Harda21:4821:50Right Time1038 km
47Khirkiya22:1522:17Right Time1070 km
48Chhanera22:4822:50Right Time1101 km
49Talvadya23:4323:45Right Time1130 km
50Khandwa00:3000:35Right Time1146 km
51Nepanagar01:0401:05Right Time1189 km
52Burhanpur01:2401:25Right Time1215 km
53Raver01:4401:45Right Time1235 km
54Bhusaval Jn02:2502:35Right Time1270 km
55Jalgaon Jn02:5903:00Right Time1294 km
56Chalisgaon Jn03:5403:55Right Time1386 km
57Nandgaon04:2404:25Right Time1428 km
58Manmad Jn04:5204:55Right Time1454 km
59Lasalgaon05:1405:15Right Time1478 km
60Niphad05:2905:30Right Time1495 km
61Nasik Road06:2506:30Right Time1527 km
62Devlali06:3906:40Right Time1532 km
63Igatpuri08:2008:25Right Time1577 km
64Kasara09:0809:10Right Time1593 km
65Kalyan Jn10:2010:25Right Time1660 km
66Thane10:4710:50Right Time1681 km
67Lokmanyatilak11:30Right Time1698 km