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13238 KOTA PNBE EXP Running status

Departure18:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is diverted between Bharatpur Jn and Kanpur Central
Updated17 Jan 2019 9:03
1Kota Jn18:10Right TimeYet to start
2Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi19:0519:21Late 14m71 km
3Sawai Madhopur20:2520:27Late 42m108 km
4Narayanpur Tatwara21:0121:03Late 36m155 km
5Gangapur City21:1921:24Late 34m171 km
6Hindaun City21:5521:57Late 20m216 km
7Bayana Jn22:2022:22Late 10m249 km
8Bharatpur Jn22:5823:00Right Time290 km
9Achhnera Jn23:1323:28Right Time0 km
10Mathura Jn00:0200:12Right Time324 km
11Agra Cantt02:1502:27Right Time378 km
12Raja Ki Mandi02:4702:49Right Time382 km
13Tundla Jn04:1004:15Right Time406 km
14Kanpur Central06:3507:15Right Time632 km
15Unnao Jn07:3707:39Right Time650 km
16Lucknow08:4509:00Right Time706 km
17Faizabad Jn11:3511:40Right Time833 km
18Ayodhya11:5711:59Late 2m841 km
19Akbarpur Jn12:4212:44Right Time894 km
20Shahganj Jn13:1713:28Right Time938 km
21Jaunpur Jn13:5514:00Right Time972 km
22Varanasi Jn15:4215:55Right Time1029 km
23Dd Upadhyaya Jn16:5617:06Right Time1048 km
24Zamania17:4717:49Right Time1091 km
25Bhadaura18:0518:07Right Time1113 km
26Buxar18:2918:31Right Time1141 km
27Ara19:3019:32Right Time1209 km
28Bihta19:5220:00Right Time1231 km
29Danapur20:2320:25Right Time1249 km
30Patna Jn20:41Right Time1259 km