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13245 CAPITAL EXPRESS Running status

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New Jalpaiguri-NJP
EExpected19:00 21 May 2018
PDelayLate 4h 20m
Last Update21 May 2018 10:12
Yet to start
1New Jalpaiguri14:40
Late 4h 20mYet to start
2Kishanganj20:0320:08Late 4h 13m87 km
3Dalkolha20:3120:33Late 4h 13m115 km
4Telta20:4220:44Late 4h 13m123 km
5Sudhani20:5420:56Late 4h 13m132 km
6Barsoi Jn21:0821:10Late 4h 13m144 km
7Azamnagar Road21:2321:25Late 4h 13m157 km
8Khurial21:3321:35Late 4h 10m165 km
9Labha21:5621:58Late 4h 6m177 km
10Katihar Jn22:5223:22Late 3h 42m200 km
11Semapur23:3623:37Late 3h 42m212 km
12Karagola Road23:4923:50Late 3h 42m223 km
13Kursela00:0400:05Late 3h 42m239 km
14Katareah00:1900:20Late 3h 42m246 km
15Naugachia00:3100:32Late 3h 42m257 km
16Thana Bihpur Jn00:4700:48Late 3h 42m273 km
17Narayanpur00:5800:59Late 3h 42m281 km
18Mahesh Khunt01:2101:22Late 3h 42m305 km
19Mansi Jn01:3201:34Late 3h 42m315 km
20Khagaria Jn.01:5001:52Late 3h 42m324 km
21Lakhminia02:0802:09Late 3h 42m347 km
22Begu Sarai02:2702:29Late 3h 42m364 km
23Barauni Jn02:5403:09Late 2h 59m380 km
24Dinkar Gram Simaria03:2303:24Late 2h 44m386 km
25Mokameh Jn03:5303:56Late 2h 44m401 km
26Barh04:1204:14Late 2h 44m426 km
27Bakhtiyarpur Jn04:2904:31Late 2h 44m444 km
28Khusropur04:4304:45Late 2h 44m459 km
29Fatuha04:5104:53Late 2h 44m468 km
30Banka Ghat05:0005:02Late 2h 44m474 km
31Patna Saheb05:0905:11Late 2h 44m480 km
32Rajendranagar T05:26Late 2h 6m487 km