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13248 KYQ CAPITAL EXP Running status

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Rajendranagar T-RJPB
EExpected23:15 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Rajendranagar T23:15Right TimeYet to start
2Patna Saheb23:2723:29Right Time7 km
3Banka Ghat23:3723:39Right Time13 km
4Fatuha23:4423:46Right Time19 km
5Khusropur23:5423:56Right Time28 km
6Bakhtiyarpur Jn00:1100:13Right Time43 km
7Barh00:2400:26Right Time61 km
8Mokameh Jn00:4600:48Right Time86 km
9Hathidah Jn Upper01:0101:03Right Time95 km
10Rajendra Pul01:0801:10Right Time97 km
11Dinkar Gram Simaria01:5501:56Right Time101 km
12Garhara02:0402:05Right Time104 km
13Barauni Jn02:3002:35Right Time107 km
14Begu Sarai02:5302:58Right Time123 km
15Lakhminia03:1103:13Right Time140 km
16Khagaria Jn.03:3803:43Right Time163 km
17Mansi Jn03:5103:53Right Time172 km
18Mahesh Khunt04:0404:06Right Time182 km
19Narayanpur04:3204:34Right Time206 km
20Thana Bihpur Jn04:4204:44Right Time214 km
21Naugachia05:0005:02Right Time230 km
22Katareah05:1405:16Right Time241 km
23Kursela05:2405:26Right Time247 km
24Karagola Road05:5105:53Right Time264 km
25Semapur06:2106:23Right Time275 km
26Katihar Jn07:0007:25Right Time287 km
27Labha07:5107:53Right Time310 km
28Khurial08:1308:15Right Time322 km
29Azamnagar Road08:2308:25Right Time330 km
30Barsoi Jn08:4008:42Right Time343 km
31Sudhani08:5408:56Right Time355 km
32Telta09:0509:07Right Time364 km
33Dalkolha09:1609:18Right Time372 km
34Kishanganj09:4009:45Right Time400 km
35New Jalpaiguri11:3011:45Right Time487 km
36Siliguri Jn12:3012:35Right Time495 km
37New Mal Jn14:1314:15Right Time542 km
38Binnaguri14:5815:00Right Time587 km
39Dalgaon15:1015:12Right Time596 km
40Hasimara15:4015:42Right Time621 km
41Alipur Duar Jn16:5016:55Right Time656 km
42New Bongaigaon18:4018:45Right Time765 km
43Goalpara Town19:3019:32Right Time845 km
44Kamakhya21:55Right Time967 km