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13288 SOUTH BIHAR EXP Running status

Departure20:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Jul 2018 2:15
1Rajendranagar T20:25Right TimeYet to start
2Patna Saheb20:3920:43Right Time8 km
3Fatuha20:5220:54Right Time19 km
4Khusropur21:0321:05Right Time28 km
5Bakhtiyarpur Jn21:3221:34Right Time43 km
6Athmal Gola21:4021:42Right Time52 km
7Barh21:5021:52Right Time61 km
8Mokameh Jn22:1222:17Right Time87 km
9Hathidah Jn22:2322:25Right Time94 km
10Barhiya22:3522:37Right Time104 km
11Luckeesarai Jn22:5122:53Right Time120 km
12Kiul Jn23:0123:06Right Time121 km
13Jamui23:2523:27Right Time149 km
14Jhajha00:3500:40Right Time175 km
15Jasidih Jn01:1201:17Right Time219 km
16Madhupur Jn01:4201:46Right Time248 km
17Jamtara02:1702:19Right Time290 km
18Chittaranjan02:3302:35Right Time304 km
19Asansol Jn03:2503:50Right Time329 km
20Burnpur03:5804:00Right Time334 km
21Joychandi Pahar04:3204:34Right Time366 km
22Anara04:4904:51Right Time379 km
23Purulia Jn05:2005:25Right Time405 km
24Barabhum05:5105:53Right Time437 km
25Chandil Jn06:2506:30Right Time459 km
26Kandra06:5006:51Right Time473 km
27Gamharia07:1307:14Right Time485 km
28Adityapur07:2707:28Right Time491 km
29Tatanagar Jn07:5508:25Right Time495 km
30Sini Jn08:5208:53Right Time522 km
31Rajkharsawan Jn09:0909:10Right Time537 km
32Chakradharpur09:3509:40Right Time558 km
33Sonua09:5809:59Right Time579 km
34Goilkera10:1210:13Right Time591 km
35Manoharpur10:4410:45Right Time619 km
36Bondamunda Jn11:1311:14Right Time654 km
37Rourkela11:3111:46Right Time657 km
38Rajgangpur12:1412:15Right Time687 km
39Bamra12:4412:45Right Time722 km
40Jharsuguda Jn13:3013:35Right Time758 km
41Brajarajnagar13:4313:45Right Time771 km
42Raigarh14:2614:31Right Time832 km
43Kharsia14:5314:55Right Time865 km
44Sakti15:0715:09Right Time881 km
45Champa15:3415:39Right Time911 km
46Akaltara15:5715:59Right Time937 km
47Bilaspur Jn17:1517:30Right Time964 km
48Bhatapara18:0418:06Right Time1010 km
49Tilda18:2818:30Right Time1036 km
50Raipur Jn19:2019:30Right Time1074 km
51Bhilai Power House19:5820:00Right Time1102 km
52Durg20:40Right Time1111 km