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13307 GANGASUTLEJ EXP Running status

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Dhanbad Jn-DHN
EExpected21:20 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Dhanbad Jn21:20Right TimeYet to start
2Tetulmari21:2921:31Right Time9 km
3Gomoh Jn21:5121:56Right Time29 km
4Parasnath22:1122:16Right Time47 km
5Hazaribagh Road22:4022:42Right Time74 km
6Koderma23:2523:27Right Time122 km
7Gaya Jn00:5000:55Right Time198 km
8Anugrah Narayan Road01:4001:42Right Time267 km
9Dehri On Son02:0202:04Right Time283 km
10Sasaram02:1602:18Right Time301 km
11Kudra02:3602:38Right Time327 km
12Bhabua Road02:5402:56Right Time349 km
13Saidraja03:1603:18Right Time378 km
14Mughal Sarai Jn04:1004:30Right Time402 km
15Kashi04:5704:59Right Time416 km
16Varanasi Jn05:2005:35Right Time421 km
17Babatpur05:5305:54Right Time440 km
18Khalispur06:0306:04Right Time449 km
19Jalalganj06:1506:16Right Time460 km
20Zafarabad Jn06:3406:35Right Time472 km
21Jaunpur Jn06:4806:52Right Time478 km
22Mihrawan07:1007:11Right Time491 km
23Kheta Sarai07:2107:22Right Time501 km
24Shahganj Jn07:5008:03Right Time512 km
25Bilwai08:1408:15Right Time523 km
26Malipur08:2808:29Right Time537 km
27Akbarpur Jn08:4708:51Right Time556 km
28Goshainganj09:0609:08Right Time578 km
29Bilhar Ghat09:2509:26Right Time595 km
30Ayodhya10:1210:14Right Time610 km
31Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar10:4310:44Right Time614 km
32Faizabad Jn11:0011:08Right Time617 km
33Sohwal11:2511:26Right Time632 km
34Rudauli11:4611:47Right Time655 km
35Patranga12:0512:06Right Time669 km
36Daryabad12:2012:21Right Time678 km
37Barabanki Jn13:3513:37Right Time716 km
38Lucknow14:2514:45Right Time744 km
39Balamau Jn16:0116:03Right Time813 km
40Hardoi16:2916:32Right Time846 km
41Anji Shahabad16:5917:01Right Time878 km
42Shahjehanpur17:4017:45Right Time909 km
43Tilhar18:0118:03Right Time927 km
44Pitambarpur18:2918:31Right Time960 km
45Bareilly18:5519:00Right Time979 km
46Rampur19:5219:57Right Time1043 km
47Moradabad20:3720:45Right Time1070 km
48Kanth21:1421:16Right Time1099 km
49Seohara21:3121:33Right Time1116 km
50Dhampur21:4821:50Right Time1130 km
51Nagina22:0822:10Right Time1146 km
52Najibabad Jn22:4722:50Right Time1168 km
53Laksar Jn23:2723:32Right Time1210 km
54Roorkee23:4923:50Right Time1228 km
55Saharanpur02:0002:15Right Time1263 km
56Yamunanagar Jagadhri02:4102:43Right Time1293 km
57Barara03:0203:04Right Time1319 km
58Ambala Cant Jn03:4503:55Right Time1344 km
59Ambala City04:0904:10Right Time1351 km
60Rajpura Jn04:2704:28Right Time1372 km
61Sirhind Jn04:5504:57Right Time1397 km
62Mandi Gobind Garh05:0705:08Right Time1407 km
63Khanna05:1905:20Right Time1415 km
64Dhandari Kalan05:5906:00Right Time1450 km
65Ludhiana Jn06:1506:25Right Time1458 km
66Phillaur Jn06:3706:39Right Time1471 km
67Bilga06:5306:54Right Time1484 km
68Nurmahal07:0507:07Right Time1491 km
69Nakodar Jn07:2407:26Right Time1503 km
70Malsian Shahkot07:3807:39Right Time1515 km
71Lohian Khas Jn08:0508:07Right Time1535 km
72Makhu08:2808:30Right Time1559 km
73Mallanwala Khas08:4408:46Right Time1577 km
74Firozpur Cantt Jn10:15Right Time1601 km