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13308 GANGASATLUJ EXP Running status

Departure18:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Sep 2018 2:15
1Firozpur Cantt Jn18:25Right TimeYet to start
2Mallanwala Khas18:4718:48Right Time24 km
3Makhu19:0119:03Right Time42 km
4Lohian Khas Jn19:3819:40Right Time66 km
5Malsian Shahkot20:0620:08Right Time86 km
6Nakodar Jn20:2520:27Right Time98 km
7Nurmahal20:4620:48Right Time110 km
8Bilga20:5620:58Right Time116 km
9Phillaur Jn21:2821:30Right Time130 km
10Ludhiana Jn21:5522:05Right Time143 km
11Dhandari Kalan22:1922:21Right Time151 km
12Khanna22:5022:52Right Time186 km
13Mandi Gobind Garh23:0023:02Right Time194 km
14Sirhind Jn23:1323:15Right Time204 km
15Rajpura Jn23:5023:52Right Time229 km
16Ambala City00:1300:15Right Time249 km
17Ambala Cant Jn00:3800:48Right Time257 km
18Barara01:0901:10Right Time282 km
19Yamunanagar Jagadhri01:3001:32Right Time308 km
20Saharanpur02:1502:25Right Time338 km
21Roorkee02:5502:57Right Time373 km
22Laksar Jn03:1703:19Right Time391 km
23Najibabad Jn03:5703:59Right Time433 km
24Nagina04:1704:19Right Time455 km
25Dhampur04:3604:38Right Time471 km
26Seohara04:5204:54Right Time485 km
27Kanth05:1105:13Right Time502 km
28Moradabad06:0506:10Right Time531 km
29Rampur06:4206:47Right Time558 km
30Bareilly07:5008:00Right Time621 km
31Pitambarpur08:1808:20Right Time641 km
32Tilhar08:4608:48Right Time674 km
33Shahjehanpur09:1809:20Right Time692 km
34Anji Shahabad09:4709:49Right Time723 km
35Hardoi10:1410:16Right Time755 km
36Balamau Jn10:4210:44Right Time788 km
37Lucknow12:1512:25Right Time856 km
38Barabanki Jn13:0513:07Right Time885 km
39Daryabad13:3913:40Right Time923 km
40Patranga13:4913:50Right Time932 km
41Rudauli14:0614:07Right Time946 km
42Sohwal14:2714:28Right Time969 km
43Faizabad Jn15:0015:05Right Time984 km
44Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar15:1515:16Right Time987 km
45Ayodhya15:3215:34Right Time991 km
46Goshainganj16:0316:05Right Time1023 km
47Akbarpur Jn16:3616:38Right Time1045 km
48Malipur17:0217:04Right Time1064 km
49Bilwai17:2417:25Right Time1078 km
50Shahganj Jn17:4517:49Right Time1089 km
51Kheta Sarai18:0018:01Right Time1100 km
52Mihrawan18:1818:19Right Time1110 km
53Jaunpur Jn18:4318:45Right Time1122 km
54Zafarabad Jn18:5418:55Right Time1129 km
55Jalalganj19:1219:13Right Time1141 km
56Varanasi Jn20:3020:45Right Time1180 km
57Kashi20:5720:59Right Time1185 km
58DDU21:4522:05Right Time1199 km
59Saidraja22:2522:26Right Time1223 km
60Bhabua Road22:4622:47Right Time1252 km
61Kudra23:0423:05Right Time1274 km
62Sasaram23:2423:25Right Time1300 km
63Dehri On Son23:4123:43Right Time1317 km
64Anugrah Narayan Road23:5623:57Right Time1334 km
65Gaya Jn01:0501:10Right Time1403 km
66Koderma02:2002:22Right Time1479 km
67Hazaribagh Road03:0703:09Right Time1527 km
68Parasnath03:3103:36Right Time1554 km
69Gomoh Jn03:5403:59Right Time1572 km
70Tetulmari04:1304:15Right Time1592 km
71Dhanbad Jn04:55Right Time1601 km