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13320 RNC DGHR EXP Running status

Departure13:25 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Ranchi13:25Right TimeYet to start
2Muri14:3314:35Right Time62 km
3Jhalida14:5414:55Right Time74 km
4Kotshila15:1415:15Right Time86 km
5Pundhag15:2515:27Right Time98 km
6Bokaro Stl City15:4315:53Right Time114 km
7Chandrapura16:2016:22Right Time130 km
8Telo16:3416:35Right Time137 km
9Gomoh Jn17:1217:32Right Time146 km
10Dhanbad Jn18:0518:10Right Time176 km
11Kumardubi18:5018:52Right Time215 km
12Chittaranjan19:2819:30Right Time237 km
13Jamtara19:4319:44Right Time251 km
14Vidyasagar20:0220:03Right Time269 km
15Madhupur Jn20:2420:26Right Time293 km
16Mathurapur20:3620:37Right Time305 km
17Sankarpur20:4620:47Right Time314 km
18Kumrabad Rohini20:5120:52Right Time317 km
19Jasidih Jn21:0521:25Right Time322 km
20Deoghar22:15Right Time329 km