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13348 PALAMOU EXP Running status

Departure19:30 Right Time
Platform 10
Yet to start
Train is diverted between Son Nagar Jn and Garwa Road Jn
Updated22 Oct 2018 18:58
1Patna Jn19:30Right TimeYet to start
2Punpun19:4819:50Late 2m13 km
3Taregna20:0520:07Late 2m30 km
4Jehanabad20:2120:23Right Time45 km
5Makhdumpur Gaya20:4020:42Late 2m61 km
6Bela20:5420:57Right Time72 km
7Gaya Jn21:5022:00Right Time92 km
8Guraru22:1922:21Late 2m113 km
9Rafiganj22:3322:35Late 2m129 km
10Jakhim22:4522:47Late 2m140 km
11Anugrah Narayan Road23:0223:04Late 2m160 km
12Son Nagar Jn23:1400:16Late 2m171 km
13Dehri On Son00:2500:50Right Time177 km
14Ankorah Akorha01:0601:08Right Time199 km
15Nabinagar Road01:2001:22Right Time213 km
16Japla01:3601:38Right Time228 km
17Haidarnagar01:4601:48Right Time236 km
18Muhammadganj02:0102:03Right Time247 km
19Untari Road02:1502:17Right Time259 km
20Garwa Road Jn03:1503:25Right Time275 km
21Daltonganj04:0104:06Right Time309 km
22Kechki04:1804:20Late 2m324 km
23Barwadih Jn04:3104:36Right Time336 km
24Chhipadohar04:4504:47Late 2m346 km
25Latehar05:1005:20Right Time377 km
26Tori05:4805:53Right Time409 km
27Mccluskieganj06:1106:13Late 2m431 km
28Khalari06:2006:22Late 2m438 km
29Ray06:2806:30Late 2m444 km
30Patratu06:5307:30Right Time474 km
31Bhurkunda07:5607:57Right Time482 km
32Barka Kana08:09Right Time492 km