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13403 VANANCHAL EXP Running status

Departure19:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated10 Dec 2018 10:15
1Ranchi19:15Right TimeYet to start
2Muri20:2520:30Right Time62 km
3Bokaro Stl City21:3021:35Right Time114 km
4Chandrapura21:5822:00Right Time130 km
5Mohuda22:1822:20Right Time145 km
6Bhojudih Jn22:4822:50Right Time167 km
7Joychandi Pahar23:3123:33Right Time197 km
8Asansol Jn00:5501:05Right Time234 km
9Raniganj01:2301:24Right Time252 km
10Andal Jn01:3401:54Right Time260 km
11Pandabeswar02:2202:23Right Time280 km
12Siuri02:5302:55Right Time314 km
13Sainthia Jn03:3503:40Right Time333 km
14Rampur Hat04:0804:13Right Time361 km
15Nalhati Jn04:2704:29Right Time375 km
16Murarai04:4204:43Right Time391 km
17Pakur05:0605:08Right Time414 km
18Gumani05:2305:24Right Time433 km
19Barharwa Jn05:5506:00Right Time442 km
20Tinpahar Jn06:1506:16Right Time459 km
21Sahibganj Jn07:2007:25Right Time497 km
22Mirza Cheuki07:4007:41Right Time512 km
23Pirpainti07:5307:54Right Time520 km
24Kahalgaon08:2608:27Right Time540 km
25Ghoga08:4508:46Right Time550 km
26Bhagalpur10:10Right Time571 km