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13483 FARAKKA EXPRESS Running status

Departure19:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Aug 2018 2:15
1Malda Town19:10Right TimeYet to start
2New Farakka Jn19:4219:52Right Time35 km
3Barharwa Jn20:2520:29Right Time49 km
4Tinpahar Jn20:4520:46Right Time66 km
5Sahibganj Jn21:3521:45Right Time104 km
6Pirpainti22:0722:08Right Time127 km
7Kahalgaon22:3822:39Right Time147 km
8Sabour23:0523:06Right Time170 km
9Bhagalpur23:2723:37Right Time178 km
10Sultanganj00:0000:01Right Time202 km
11Bariarpur00:2500:26Right Time220 km
12Jamalpur Jn00:4200:52Right Time231 km
13Abhaipur01:1101:12Right Time253 km
14Kiul Jn02:1502:25Right Time276 km
15Barhiya02:4102:43Right Time292 km
16Mokameh Jn02:5903:01Right Time310 km
17Barh03:1803:20Right Time335 km
18Bakhtiyarpur Jn03:3603:40Right Time353 km
19Fatuha03:5503:57Right Time377 km
20Patna Saheb04:1204:14Right Time389 km
21Rajendranagar T04:2504:27Right Time396 km
22Patna Jn04:4504:55Right Time399 km
23Danapur05:1005:20Right Time409 km
24Bihta05:3305:35Right Time426 km
25Ara05:5505:57Right Time448 km
26Bihiya06:1106:13Right Time469 km
27Banahi06:2106:23Right Time475 km
28Raghunathpur06:3206:34Right Time484 km
29Dumraon06:4706:49Right Time500 km
30Buxar07:0507:10Right Time517 km
31Chausa07:1807:20Right Time527 km
32Gahmar07:3007:32Right Time537 km
33Bhadaura07:4107:43Right Time545 km
34Dildarnagar Jn08:0708:09Right Time553 km
35Zamania08:1908:21Right Time566 km
36DDU10:0210:17Right Time609 km
37Varanasi Jn11:0011:10Right Time628 km
38Jalalganj11:4311:45Right Time667 km
39Zafarabad Jn12:0912:10Right Time679 km
40Jaunpur Jn12:3712:42Right Time686 km
41Shahganj Jn13:2513:38Right Time719 km
42Malipur13:5914:00Right Time744 km
43Akbarpur Jn14:1814:22Right Time763 km
44Goshainganj14:3714:39Right Time785 km
45Ayodhya15:0615:08Right Time817 km
46Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar15:2015:21Right Time821 km
47Faizabad Jn15:3415:43Right Time824 km
48Sohwal15:5916:00Right Time839 km
49Rudauli16:2116:22Right Time862 km
50Daryabad16:4616:47Right Time885 km
51Barabanki Jn17:3617:38Right Time923 km
52Lucknow18:5519:10Right Time952 km
53Unnao Jn20:2520:27Right Time1008 km
54Kanpur Central21:0521:15Right Time1025 km
55Etawah22:4822:53Right Time1164 km
56Shikohabad Jn23:3023:35Right Time1220 km
57Firozabad23:5323:58Right Time1240 km
58Tundla Jn00:3000:38Right Time1256 km
59Hathras Jn01:2801:30Right Time1304 km
60Aligarh Jn01:5301:58Right Time1334 km
61Khurja Jn02:2802:30Right Time1377 km
62Ghaziabad03:5003:52Right Time1447 km
63Sahibabad04:0104:03Right Time1454 km
64Delhi Shahdara04:1404:16Right Time1461 km
65Delhi04:50Right Time1467 km