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13484 FARAKKA EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected21:40 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1Delhi21:40Right TimeYet to start
2Ghaziabad22:2422:26Right Time19 km
3Khurja Jn23:1723:20Right Time89 km
4Aligarh Jn23:5223:57Right Time132 km
5Hathras Jn00:2800:33Right Time163 km
6Tundla Jn01:4201:50Right Time210 km
7Firozabad02:0502:07Right Time227 km
8Shikohabad Jn02:2802:30Right Time247 km
9Etawah03:0903:11Right Time302 km
10Kanpur Central05:3005:45Right Time441 km
11Unnao Jn06:0706:09Right Time459 km
12Lucknow07:2007:45Right Time515 km
13Barabanki Jn08:2008:22Right Time543 km
14Daryabad08:5308:55Right Time582 km
15Rudauli09:1309:15Right Time605 km
16Sohwal09:3309:35Right Time627 km
17Faizabad Jn09:5510:00Right Time643 km
18Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar10:0910:11Right Time645 km
19Ayodhya10:2010:22Right Time650 km
20Goshainganj10:4910:51Right Time681 km
21Akbarpur Jn11:0911:11Right Time704 km
22Malipur11:2411:26Right Time723 km
23Shahganj Jn11:4911:53Right Time748 km
24Jaunpur Jn12:3412:40Right Time781 km
25Zafarabad Jn12:4912:50Right Time787 km
26Jalalganj13:1513:16Right Time799 km
27Varanasi Jn15:0015:20Right Time838 km
28Mughal Sarai Jn16:0816:23Right Time857 km
29Zamania17:0017:02Right Time900 km
30Dildarnagar Jn17:1517:17Right Time914 km
31Bhadaura17:2317:25Right Time922 km
32Gahmar17:3317:35Right Time930 km
33Chausa17:4217:46Right Time939 km
34Buxar17:5718:02Right Time950 km
35Dumraon18:1318:15Right Time966 km
36Raghunathpur18:2818:30Right Time983 km
37Banahi18:3818:40Right Time991 km
38Bihiya18:4718:49Right Time997 km
39Ara19:0619:11Right Time1019 km
40Bihta19:2819:30Right Time1041 km
41Danapur19:4519:55Right Time1058 km
42Patna Jn20:2020:30Right Time1068 km
43Rajendranagar T20:4020:42Right Time1070 km
44Patna Saheb20:5320:55Right Time1078 km
45Fatuha21:0421:06Right Time1090 km
46Bakhtiyarpur Jn21:1421:45Right Time1113 km
47Barh22:0022:02Right Time1131 km
48Mokameh Jn22:2222:27Right Time1157 km
49Barhiya23:0623:08Right Time1175 km
50Kiul Jn00:0500:10Right Time1191 km
51Abhaipur00:3300:34Right Time1214 km
52Jamalpur Jn00:5701:07Right Time1236 km
53Bariarpur01:1901:20Right Time1247 km
54Sultanganj01:4101:42Right Time1265 km
55Bhagalpur02:0702:17Right Time1289 km
56Sabour02:2702:28Right Time1297 km
57Kahalgaon02:5402:55Right Time1319 km
58Pirpainti03:2303:24Right Time1339 km
59Sahibganj Jn04:0604:11Right Time1363 km
60Tinpahar Jn04:4204:43Right Time1401 km
61Barharwa Jn05:2005:24Right Time1417 km
62New Farakka Jn05:4405:49Right Time1432 km
63Malda Town07:05Right Time1467 km