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14005 LICHCHAVI EXP Running status

Departure02:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Jan 2019 2:15
1Sitamarhi02:15Right TimeYet to start
2Runnisaid Pur02:3102:33Right Time23 km
3Muzaffarpur Jn04:0504:15Right Time65 km
4Goraul05:1305:15Right Time90 km
5Bhagwanpur05:2305:25Right Time99 km
6Hajipur Jn05:5005:55Right Time118 km
7Sonpur Jn06:0306:05Right Time124 km
8Parmanandpur F06:2606:28Right Time130 km
9Nayagaon06:3406:36Right Time135 km
10Sitalpur06:4306:45Right Time142 km
11Dighwara06:5106:53Right Time147 km
12Awatarnagar F07:0007:01Right Time153 km
13Bara Gopal07:0807:10Right Time158 km
14Dumri Juara07:1707:18Right Time162 km
15Goldinganj07:2307:25Right Time167 km
16Chhapra Kachehri07:5908:00Right Time176 km
17Chhapra08:1008:17Right Time178 km
18Ekma08:4208:43Right Time205 km
19Chainwa08:5408:56Right Time213 km
20Duraundha Jn09:0609:08Right Time221 km
21Siwan Jn09:4509:50Right Time238 km
22Jiradei09:5709:59Right Time248 km
23Mairwa10:1110:13Right Time259 km
24Bhatpar Rani10:2810:30Right Time273 km
25Bhatni Jn10:5511:08Right Time286 km
26Salempur Jn11:3111:33Right Time296 km
27Lar Road11:4411:46Right Time305 km
28Belthara Road11:5912:01Right Time318 km
29Mau Jn12:3512:40Right Time353 km
30Jakhanian13:0313:05Right Time383 km
31Varanasi Jn14:4014:50Right Time446 km
32Bhulanpur F15:0815:09Right Time452 km
33Madhosingh15:4815:50Right Time493 km
34Gyanpur Road16:0816:10Right Time506 km
35Allahabad City18:3118:33Right Time568 km
36Allahabad Jn18:5019:00Right Time570 km
37Rooma21:2921:36Right Time749 km
38Kanpur Central22:2522:30Right Time765 km
39Aligarh Jn02:1002:12Right Time1064 km
40Khurja Jn02:4202:44Right Time1107 km
41Ghaziabad04:0004:02Right Time1170 km
42Anand Vihar Terminal04:35Right Time1182 km