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14006 LICHCHAVI EXP Running status

Departure15:10 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:15
1Anand Vihar Terminal15:10Right TimeYet to start
2Ghaziabad15:3815:40Right Time13 km
3Dadri16:0516:07Right Time30 km
4Khurja Jn16:3816:40Right Time75 km
5Aligarh Jn17:1017:12Right Time119 km
6Tundla Jn20:2320:25Right Time197 km
7Kanpur Central23:2523:35Right Time418 km
8Allahabad Jn02:4502:55Right Time612 km
9Allahabad City03:0503:07Right Time614 km
10Gyanpur Road04:1404:16Right Time677 km
11Bhulanpur F05:1905:20Right Time730 km
12Varanasi Jn06:1506:25Right Time736 km
13Jakhanian07:1707:19Right Time800 km
14Mau Jn08:1008:15Right Time829 km
15Belthara Road08:5508:57Right Time864 km
16Lar Road09:1209:14Right Time877 km
17Salempur Jn09:2509:27Right Time887 km
18Bhatni Jn09:5510:08Right Time897 km
19Bhatpar Rani10:3810:40Right Time910 km
20Mairwa10:5410:56Right Time924 km
21Jiradei11:0511:07Right Time935 km
22Siwan Jn11:2011:25Right Time946 km
23Duraundha Jn11:4411:46Right Time963 km
24Chainwa12:0412:06Right Time971 km
25Ekma12:1312:15Right Time979 km
26Chhapra13:3013:40Right Time1006 km
27Chhapra Kachehri13:5513:57Right Time1008 km
28Goldinganj14:0914:11Right Time1017 km
29Dumri Juara14:1814:19Right Time1022 km
30Bara Gopal14:2414:26Right Time1026 km
31Awatarnagar F14:3214:33Right Time1031 km
32Dighwara14:3714:39Right Time1037 km
33Sitalpur14:4514:47Right Time1041 km
34Nayagaon14:5414:56Right Time1049 km
35Parmanandpur F15:0215:04Right Time1053 km
36Sonpur Jn15:1615:18Right Time1060 km
37Hajipur Jn15:2815:33Right Time1066 km
38Bhagwanpur15:5315:55Right Time1085 km
39Goraul16:1216:14Right Time1093 km
40Muzaffarpur Jn18:2018:31Right Time1119 km
41Runnisaid Pur19:2519:27Right Time1161 km
42Sitamarhi21:00Right Time1184 km