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14033 JAMMU MAIL Running status

Departure20:10 Right Time
Platform 16
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Delhi20:10Right TimeYet to start
2Subzi Mandi20:2120:23Right Time3 km
3Narela20:4220:44Right Time26 km
4Sonipat20:5720:59Right Time43 km
5Ganaur21:1221:14Right Time59 km
6Samalkha21:2521:27Right Time71 km
7Panipat Jn22:1422:16Right Time88 km
8Karnal22:3922:41Right Time123 km
9Kurukshetra Jn23:0723:09Right Time156 km
10Ambala Cant Jn00:1500:20Right Time197 km
11Rajpura Jn00:4500:47Right Time225 km
12Ludhiana Jn02:0202:11Right Time311 km
13Phagwara Jn02:3902:41Right Time347 km
14Jalandhar Cant03:0503:08Right Time363 km
15Tanda Urmar03:4703:49Right Time406 km
16Dasua04:0304:05Right Time421 km
17Mukerian04:2104:23Right Time436 km
18Pathankot Cantt05:0805:12Right Time476 km
19Sujanpur05:2505:27Right Time484 km
20Madhopur Punjab05:3405:35Right Time491 km
21Kathua05:4605:48Right Time499 km
22Chhan Arorian06:0706:09Right Time519 km
23Chakdayala06:1506:16Right Time524 km
24Hira Nagar06:2006:22Right Time528 km
25Ghagwal06:4806:50Right Time533 km
26Samba07:0307:05Right Time543 km
27Vijaypur Jammu07:1807:20Right Time554 km
28Bari Brahman07:3907:41Right Time567 km
29Jammu Tawi08:4508:55Right Time575 km
30Manwal09:4409:46Right Time607 km
31Udhampur10:0810:10Right Time628 km
32Chak Rakhwal10:2910:31Right Time638 km
33Shmata Vd Katra11:05Right Time653 km