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14041 MUSSOORIE EXP Running status

Departure22:25 Right Time
Platform 16
Yet to start
Updated21 Jan 2019 2:15
1Delhi22:25Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Shahdara22:4122:43Right Time6 km
3Ghaziabad23:1823:20Right Time20 km
4Pilkhua23:4423:46Right Time46 km
5Hapur00:0000:02Right Time57 km
6Garhmuktesar00:2800:30Right Time87 km
7Gajraula Jn00:5501:15Right Time107 km
8Mandi Dhanaura01:3601:38Right Time123 km
9Chand Siau02:1102:13Right Time143 km
10Haldaur02:4302:45Right Time161 km
11Bijnor03:1003:12Right Time178 km
12Muazzampur Narain Jn.03:5103:53Right Time203 km
13Najibabad Jn04:1004:45Right Time214 km
14Laksar Jn05:2605:28Right Time255 km
15Jwalapur05:4805:50Right Time278 km
16Haridwar Jn06:0506:35Right Time282 km
17Raiwala Jn06:5606:58Right Time294 km
18Doiwala07:2807:30Right Time314 km
19Dehradun08:25Right Time334 km