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14055 BRAHMPUTRA MAIL Running status

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EExpected23:25 20 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Dibrugarh23:25Right TimeYet to start
2New Tinsukia00:1500:25Right Time41 km
3Bhojo01:3501:40Right Time110 km
4Simaluguri Jn02:0802:13Right Time144 km
5Mariani Jn03:4003:50Right Time198 km
6Furkating Jn04:4504:47Right Time236 km
7Bokajan05:3905:41Right Time292 km
8Dimapur06:0506:15Right Time306 km
9Diphu06:5306:55Right Time343 km
10Lumding Jn07:5008:00Right Time375 km
11Lanka09:0209:04Right Time405 km
12Hojai09:1809:20Right Time420 km
13Jamunamukh09:3509:37Right Time436 km
14Kampur09:5409:56Right Time447 km
15Chaparmukh Jn10:2010:25Right Time464 km
16Jagi Road10:5310:55Right Time498 km
17Digaru11:2411:26Right Time522 km
18Guwahati12:3512:50Right Time556 km
19Kamakhya13:0513:10Right Time562 km
20Rangiya Jn13:5014:00Right Time603 km
21Nalbari14:1514:17Right Time620 km
22Barpeta Road14:5314:58Right Time668 km
23Bijni15:1915:21Right Time695 km
24Bongaigaon15:4515:47Right Time710 km
25New Bongaigaon16:1516:25Right Time712 km
26Kokrajhar16:5316:55Right Time740 km
27Fakiragram Jn17:0517:07Right Time750 km
28Gosai Gaon Hat17:2517:27Right Time773 km
29New Alipurduar18:0318:08Right Time819 km
30New Cooch Behar18:4018:45Right Time838 km
31Falakata19:3219:34Right Time876 km
32Dhupguri20:2020:25Right Time898 km
33Jalpaiguri Road21:2521:27Right Time930 km
34New Jalpaiguri22:3022:50Right Time964 km
35Kishanganj23:5323:58Right Time1051 km
36Barsoi Jn00:5000:52Right Time1108 km
37Malda Town03:3503:50Right Time1196 km
38New Farakka Jn04:2204:24Right Time1231 km
39Barharwa Jn05:0005:02Right Time1246 km
40Sahibganj Jn05:5506:00Right Time1300 km
41Kahalgaon06:4806:49Right Time1344 km
42Bhagalpur07:2807:38Right Time1374 km
43Sultanganj07:5807:59Right Time1398 km
44Jamalpur Jn08:5509:15Right Time1427 km
45Abhaipur09:3409:35Right Time1449 km
46Kiul Jn10:5711:02Right Time1472 km
47Mokameh Jn11:3111:33Right Time1506 km
48Patna Saheb12:1912:21Right Time1585 km
49Patna Jn13:0013:10Right Time1595 km
50Ara13:4513:47Right Time1644 km
51Buxar14:3014:32Right Time1713 km
52Dildarnagar Jn15:0015:02Right Time1749 km
53Mughal Sarai Jn16:3416:54Right Time1806 km
54Mirzapur17:5017:55Right Time1870 km
55Allahabad Jn19:1519:25Right Time1955 km
56Kanpur Central22:4022:45Right Time2149 km
57Shikohabad Jn00:5200:54Right Time2343 km
58Tundla Jn01:5001:55Right Time2380 km
59Aligarh Jn03:1303:18Right Time2458 km
60Khurja Jn03:4603:48Right Time2501 km
61Ghaziabad05:1005:12Right Time2571 km
62Delhi06:05Right Time2591 km