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14056 BRAHMPUTRA MAIL Running status

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EExpected23:40 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Delhi23:40Right TimeYet to start
2Khurja Jn01:0401:06Right Time89 km
3Aligarh Jn01:3801:43Right Time132 km
4Tundla Jn02:4802:53Right Time210 km
5Shikohabad Jn03:1803:20Right Time247 km
6Kanpur Central05:5005:55Right Time441 km
7Allahabad Jn08:2508:35Right Time636 km
8Mirzapur09:4009:45Right Time721 km
9Mughal Sarai Jn11:2811:48Right Time785 km
10Dildarnagar Jn12:3412:36Right Time841 km
11Buxar13:0013:02Right Time877 km
12Ara13:4313:45Right Time946 km
13Patna Jn14:3014:40Right Time995 km
14Patna Saheb14:5514:57Right Time1005 km
15Mokameh Jn15:5415:56Right Time1084 km
16Kiul Jn17:2517:30Right Time1118 km
17Abhaipur17:5317:54Right Time1141 km
18Jamalpur Jn18:1718:32Right Time1163 km
19Sultanganj19:0019:01Right Time1192 km
20Bhagalpur19:4519:57Right Time1216 km
21Kahalgaon20:2620:27Right Time1246 km
22Sahibganj Jn21:3721:45Right Time1290 km
23Barharwa Jn23:1323:15Right Time1345 km
24New Farakka Jn23:3423:35Right Time1359 km
25Malda Town00:4501:00Right Time1394 km
26Barsoi Jn02:0902:11Right Time1482 km
27Kishanganj02:5503:00Right Time1539 km
28New Jalpaiguri05:0005:20Right Time1626 km
29Jalpaiguri Road06:0006:02Right Time1660 km
30Dhupguri06:3006:35Right Time1692 km
31Falakata06:5506:57Right Time1714 km
32New Cooch Behar08:0008:05Right Time1753 km
33New Alipurduar08:2508:30Right Time1771 km
34Gosai Gaon Hat09:0509:07Right Time1817 km
35Fakiragram Jn09:2509:27Right Time1840 km
36Kokrajhar09:4009:42Right Time1850 km
37New Bongaigaon10:3510:45Right Time1878 km
38Bongaigaon10:5110:53Right Time1880 km
39Bijni11:1711:19Right Time1895 km
40Barpeta Road11:4011:45Right Time1922 km
41Nalbari12:4112:43Right Time1970 km
42Rangiya Jn12:5813:08Right Time1987 km
43Kamakhya14:2514:30Right Time2028 km
44Guwahati14:4515:00Right Time2035 km
45Digaru15:3815:40Right Time2068 km
46Jagi Road16:0216:04Right Time2092 km
47Chaparmukh Jn16:4116:46Right Time2126 km
48Kampur17:0617:08Right Time2143 km
49Jamunamukh17:2017:22Right Time2154 km
50Hojai17:3817:40Right Time2170 km
51Lanka17:5617:58Right Time2185 km
52Lumding Jn19:1519:25Right Time2215 km
53Diphu19:5619:58Right Time2247 km
54Dimapur20:3520:45Right Time2284 km
55Bokajan21:0521:07Right Time2298 km
56Furkating Jn22:5823:00Right Time2354 km
57Mariani Jn23:4623:56Right Time2393 km
58Simaluguri Jn00:5000:55Right Time2446 km
59Bhojo01:3301:38Right Time2480 km
60New Tinsukia03:0003:10Right Time2549 km
61Dibrugarh04:25Right Time2591 km