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14217 UNCHAHAR EXP Running status

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Prayag Jn-PRG
EExpected14:05 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Prayag Jn14:05Right TimeYet to start
2Phaphamau Jn14:1814:19Right Time6 km
3Ram Chaura Road14:3814:39Right Time27 km
4Lalgopalganj14:4714:48Right Time34 km
5Kunda Harnamganj15:0315:05Right Time48 km
6Garhi Manikpur15:1915:20Right Time60 km
7Pariawan Kalakankar Road15:3115:32Right Time67 km
8Unchahar Jn15:4815:50Right Time78 km
9Jalalpur Dhai16:1616:17Right Time97 km
10Dalmau Jn16:3316:35Right Time110 km
11Lalganj16:5216:54Right Time123 km
12Raghuraj Singh17:1517:17Right Time136 km
13Takia17:3817:39Right Time148 km
14Bighapur17:5317:55Right Time158 km
15Unnao Jn18:5318:58Right Time190 km
16Kanpur Central19:3520:05Right Time208 km
17Rura20:4520:47Right Time252 km
18Jhinjhak21:0321:05Right Time271 km
19Phaphund21:2121:23Right Time291 km
20Bharthana21:5021:52Right Time327 km
21Etawah22:1522:17Right Time347 km
22Jaswantnagar22:3022:32Right Time363 km
23Shikohabad Jn23:0123:06Right Time402 km
24Firozabad23:2123:23Right Time422 km
25Tundla Jn00:0200:10Right Time439 km
26Hathras Jn00:4400:46Right Time486 km
27Aligarh Jn01:1101:16Right Time517 km
28Khurja Jn01:4601:49Right Time560 km
29Ghaziabad03:2303:25Right Time630 km
30Sahibabad03:3403:36Right Time636 km
31Delhi04:1004:25Right Time650 km
32Narela04:5504:57Right Time675 km
33Sonipat05:1105:13Right Time693 km
34Ganaur05:2605:28Right Time709 km
35Samalkha05:4005:42Right Time721 km
36Panipat Jn06:1006:12Right Time738 km
37Karnal06:4306:45Right Time772 km
38Kurukshetra Jn07:2807:30Right Time805 km
39Shahabad Markanda07:5507:57Right Time827 km
40Ambala Cant Jn08:3008:42Right Time847 km
41Chandigarh09:25Right Time914 km