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14235 BSB BE EXPRESS Running status

Departure23:30 Right Time
Platform 9
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Varanasi Jn23:30Right TimeYet to start
2Babatpur23:4823:49Right Time19 km
3Khalispur23:5823:59Right Time28 km
4Zafarabad Jn00:2300:24Right Time51 km
5Jaunpur Jn00:4200:44Right Time57 km
6Kheta Sarai01:0401:05Right Time80 km
7Shahganj Jn01:1801:20Right Time91 km
8Malipur01:4601:48Right Time116 km
9Akbarpur Jn02:0802:10Right Time135 km
10Goshainganj02:2702:28Right Time157 km
11Ayodhya02:5602:58Right Time189 km
12Faizabad Jn03:1703:22Right Time196 km
13Rudauli03:5503:56Right Time234 km
14Daryabad04:1804:19Right Time257 km
15Barabanki Jn05:4705:49Right Time295 km
16Safedabad06:0106:02Right Time302 km
17Jugaur06:0806:09Right Time306 km
18Malhour06:1606:17Right Time312 km
19Lucknow06:4006:50Right Time323 km
20Alam Nagar07:0807:09Right Time329 km
21Kakori07:1807:19Right Time338 km
22Malihabad07:2907:30Right Time348 km
23Dilawarnagar07:3807:39Right Time353 km
24Rahimabad07:4807:49Right Time361 km
25Sandila08:0308:05Right Time372 km
26Umar Tali08:1408:15Right Time377 km
27Dalelnagar08:2308:24Right Time384 km
28Balamau Jn08:3308:35Right Time392 km
29Baghauli08:4608:47Right Time401 km
30Masit08:5909:01Right Time408 km
31Karna09:1009:12Right Time415 km
32Hardoi09:2009:25Right Time425 km
33Kaurah09:3809:40Right Time434 km
34Behtagokal09:4909:51Right Time442 km
35Todarpur10:0010:02Right Time449 km
36Anji Shahabad10:1110:13Right Time457 km
37Aigawan10:2210:23Right Time464 km
38Kahilia10:3210:33Right Time472 km
39Pt Ram Prasad Bismil10:4210:43Right Time476 km
40Roza Jn10:5811:00Right Time480 km
41Shahjehanpur11:2011:25Right Time488 km
42Banthra11:3411:35Right Time496 km
43Tilhar11:4411:46Right Time506 km
44Miranpur Katra11:5611:58Right Time516 km
45Bilpur12:0712:09Right Time523 km
46Tisua12:1912:20Right Time530 km
47Pitambarpur12:3012:31Right Time539 km
48Rasuiya12:4212:43Right Time548 km
49Bareilly13:45Right Time558 km