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14236 BE BSB EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected15:35 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bareilly15:35Right TimeYet to start
2Rasuiya15:4715:48Right Time10 km
3Pitambarpur15:5715:59Right Time19 km
4Tisua16:1016:11Right Time28 km
5Bilpur16:1816:20Right Time35 km
6Miranpur Katra16:2816:30Right Time42 km
7Tilhar16:4016:42Right Time52 km
8Banthra16:5316:54Right Time61 km
9Shahjehanpur17:0817:13Right Time70 km
10Roza Jn17:2117:23Right Time78 km
11Kahilia17:3317:35Right Time86 km
12Aigawan17:4317:45Right Time94 km
13Anji Shahabad17:5217:54Right Time101 km
14Todarpur18:0318:04Right Time109 km
15Behtagokal18:1018:12Right Time116 km
16Kaurah18:2218:23Right Time124 km
17Hardoi18:2918:34Right Time133 km
18Karna18:4718:49Right Time143 km
19Masit18:5718:59Right Time150 km
20Baghauli19:0719:09Right Time157 km
21Balamau Jn19:1919:21Right Time166 km
22Dalelnagar19:3119:33Right Time174 km
23Umar Tali19:4119:43Right Time181 km
24Sandila19:5119:53Right Time186 km
25Rahimabad20:0420:06Right Time197 km
26Dilawarnagar20:1520:17Right Time205 km
27Malihabad20:2520:27Right Time210 km
28Kakori20:3720:39Right Time220 km
29Alam Nagar22:5422:55Right Time229 km
30Lucknow23:1523:25Right Time235 km
31Barabanki Jn00:0500:07Right Time263 km
32Daryabad00:4000:41Right Time301 km
33Rudauli01:0001:01Right Time324 km
34Faizabad Jn01:4501:50Right Time362 km
35Ayodhya02:0802:10Right Time369 km
36Goshainganj03:1103:12Right Time401 km
37Akbarpur Jn03:3103:33Right Time423 km
38Malipur03:4803:49Right Time442 km
39Shahganj Jn04:1104:15Right Time467 km
40Kheta Sarai04:2604:27Right Time478 km
41Jaunpur Jn04:4804:52Right Time500 km
42Zafarabad Jn05:0105:02Right Time507 km
43Khalispur05:4205:43Right Time530 km
44Babatpur05:5305:54Right Time539 km
45Varanasi Jn06:50Right Time558 km