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14258 KASHI V EXPRESS Running status

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New Delhi-NDLS
EExpected15:00 24 May 2018
PDelayLate 3h 25m
Last Update24 May 2018 10:54
Yet to start
1New Delhi11:35
Late 3h 25mYet to start
2Ghaziabad15:3215:34Late 3h 14m25 km
3Pilkhua15:5916:01Late 3h 14m51 km
4Hapur16:1616:19Late 3h 14m62 km
5Garhmuktesar16:4216:44Late 3h 14m92 km
6Gajraula Jn17:0217:04Late 3h 11m113 km
7Amroha17:2317:25Late 3h 9m136 km
8Moradabad17:5818:06Late 2h 58m166 km
9Rampur18:3618:38Late 2h 58m193 km
10Bareilly19:2919:32Late 2h 52m257 km
11Pitambarpur19:5019:52Late 2h 52m276 km
12Tilhar20:1820:20Late 2h 50m309 km
13Shahjehanpur20:4020:43Late 2h 40m327 km
14Anji Shahabad21:0921:11Late 2h 37m358 km
15Hardoi21:3721:39Late 2h 37m390 km
16Balamau Jn22:0822:10Late 2h 37m423 km
17Sandila22:2922:31Late 2h 35m443 km
18Lucknow23:4500:00Late 2h 10m492 km
19Bachhrawn00:5600:58Late 2h 9m539 km
20Rae Bareli Jn01:3201:37Late 2h 7m570 km
21Jais01:5902:01Late 2h 6m598 km
22Gauriganj02:1602:18Late 2h 6m616 km
23Amethi02:3002:32Late 2h 6m630 km
24Antu02:4402:46Late 2h 6m644 km
25Partapgarh Jn03:0803:13Late 2h 3m665 km
26Dandupur03:2703:28Late 2h 3m679 km
27Badshahpur03:5203:54Late 1h 50m701 km
28Janghai Jn04:0804:10Late 1h 44m718 km
29Suriawan04:3704:39Late 1h 44m733 km
30Bhadohi04:5204:54Late 1h 44m748 km
31Parsipur05:0305:05Late 1h 44m757 km
32Sewapuri05:1805:20Late 1h 38m770 km
33Chaukhandi05:2705:29Late 1h 34m777 km
34Varanasi Jn05:50Late 1h 15m793 km