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Varanasi Jn-BSB
EExpected08:25 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Varanasi Jn08:25Right TimeYet to start
2Sewapuri08:5608:57Right Time22 km
3Parsipur09:0909:10Right Time36 km
4Bhadohi09:2009:22Right Time44 km
5Mondh09:3309:34Right Time52 km
6Suriawan09:4209:43Right Time59 km
7Janghai Jn10:0210:04Right Time75 km
8Badshahpur10:2310:24Right Time91 km
9Gaura10:4310:45Right Time104 km
10Dandupur10:5410:56Right Time114 km
11Partapgarh Jn11:4511:50Right Time128 km
12Chilbila Jn12:0412:05Right Time132 km
13Antu12:2012:21Right Time148 km
14Mishrauli12:3012:31Right Time157 km
15Amethi12:3812:40Right Time163 km
16Gauriganj12:5412:55Right Time176 km
17Jais13:1513:17Right Time194 km
18Fursatganj13:2513:27Right Time205 km
19Rae Bareli Jn13:5514:03Right Time223 km
20Harchandpur14:1914:20Right Time238 km
21Bachhrawn14:3814:40Right Time253 km
22Lucknow16:3516:45Right Time301 km
23Alam Nagar17:0317:04Right Time307 km
24Malihabad17:1917:20Right Time325 km
25Sandila17:3817:40Right Time349 km
26Balamau Jn17:5918:01Right Time369 km
27Baghauli18:1118:13Right Time378 km
28Hardoi18:3518:38Right Time403 km
29Anji Shahabad19:0419:06Right Time435 km
30Roza Jn19:3419:36Right Time458 km
31Shahjehanpur19:4819:53Right Time465 km
32Bareilly21:0721:12Right Time536 km
33Rampur22:0522:10Right Time599 km
34Moradabad22:5023:00Right Time626 km
35Kanth23:3423:36Right Time656 km
36Seohara23:5123:53Right Time672 km
37Dhampur00:0700:09Right Time686 km
38Nagina00:2600:28Right Time702 km
39Najibabad Jn00:5200:55Right Time725 km
40Chandok01:1301:15Right Time743 km
41Balawali01:2301:25Right Time750 km
42Raisi01:3501:37Right Time758 km
43Laksar Jn02:3002:35Right Time766 km
44Aithal02:4302:45Right Time774 km
45Jwalapur03:0603:08Right Time789 km
46Haridwar Jn03:2504:25Right Time793 km
47Raiwala Jn04:4604:48Right Time804 km
48Doiwala05:2005:22Right Time825 km
49Dehradun06:30Right Time845 km