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14266 DDN BSB EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected18:15 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Dehradun18:15Right TimeYet to start
2Harrawala18:2818:30Right Time8 km
3Doiwala18:4818:50Right Time19 km
4Raiwala Jn19:2119:23Right Time40 km
5Haridwar Jn19:5020:25Right Time51 km
6Jwalapur20:3320:35Right Time55 km
7Aithal20:5320:55Right Time71 km
8Laksar Jn21:1021:15Right Time78 km
9Raisi21:2321:25Right Time86 km
10Balawali21:3521:37Right Time95 km
11Chandok21:4721:49Right Time102 km
12Najibabad Jn22:1222:15Right Time120 km
13Nagina22:3322:35Right Time142 km
14Dhampur22:5322:55Right Time158 km
15Seohara23:1023:12Right Time172 km
16Kanth23:2823:30Right Time189 km
17Moradabad00:2000:28Right Time218 km
18Rampur01:0201:07Right Time245 km
19Bareilly02:0302:08Right Time309 km
20Shahjehanpur03:1503:18Right Time379 km
21Roza Jn03:2603:28Right Time387 km
22Hardoi04:0804:13Right Time442 km
23Baghauli04:5104:53Right Time466 km
24Balamau Jn05:0305:05Right Time475 km
25Sandila05:2305:25Right Time495 km
26Rahimabad05:3605:38Right Time506 km
27Dilawarnagar05:4705:49Right Time514 km
28Malihabad05:5705:59Right Time520 km
29Kakori06:0906:11Right Time529 km
30Alam Nagar07:2107:23Right Time538 km
31Lko Alambagh W Cabin07:3307:34Right Time541 km
32Lucknow07:4507:55Right Time544 km
33Bachhrawn08:5308:54Right Time591 km
34Harchandpur09:1309:15Right Time607 km
35Rae Bareli Jn09:3309:38Right Time622 km
36Fursatganj09:5709:58Right Time640 km
37Jais10:0910:10Right Time650 km
38Gauriganj10:2410:25Right Time668 km
39Amethi10:4410:46Right Time682 km
40Antu11:0611:07Right Time696 km
41Chilbila Jn11:2911:30Right Time713 km
42Partapgarh Jn11:5211:57Right Time717 km
43Dandupur12:1112:12Right Time731 km
44Badshahpur12:2912:31Right Time753 km
45Janghai Jn12:4612:55Right Time770 km
46Sarai Kansrai13:1213:13Right Time775 km
47Suriawan13:2613:27Right Time785 km
48Bhadohi13:4013:42Right Time800 km
49Parsipur13:5713:58Right Time809 km
50Sewapuri14:1914:20Right Time822 km
51Varanasi Jn15:35Right Time845 km