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14307 PRG BE EXPRESS Running status

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Prayag Jn-PRG
EExpected22:15 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Prayag Jn22:15Right TimeYet to start
2Phaphamau Jn22:2822:29Right Time6 km
3Siwaith22:3922:40Right Time12 km
4Mau Aimma22:5422:56Right Time26 km
5Bishnath Ganj23:2123:22Right Time37 km
6Bhupia Mau23:3423:35Right Time47 km
7Partapgarh Jn00:0200:07Right Time52 km
8Chilbila Jn00:1600:17Right Time56 km
9Jagesharganj00:2600:27Right Time65 km
10Antu00:3500:36Right Time73 km
11Mishrauli00:5400:55Right Time81 km
12Amethi01:0301:05Right Time87 km
13Talakhajuri01:1801:19Right Time95 km
14Gauriganj01:2901:30Right Time100 km
15Bani01:3901:40Right Time109 km
16Kasimpur H01:4701:48Right Time116 km
17Jais01:5301:54Right Time118 km
18Fursatganj02:0402:05Right Time129 km
19Rupamau02:1502:16Right Time138 km
20Rae Bareli Jn03:1203:17Right Time147 km
21Gangaganj03:2803:29Right Time155 km
22Harchandpur04:0404:05Right Time162 km
23Kundanganj04:1504:16Right Time168 km
24Bachhrawn04:2504:27Right Time178 km
25Shrirajnagar04:3504:36Right Time184 km
26Nigohan04:4304:44Right Time189 km
27Kankaha04:5304:54Right Time196 km
28Mohanlalganj05:0305:04Right Time204 km
29Utraitia Jn05:4405:45Right Time213 km
30Block Hut A06:0306:04Right Time218 km
31Lucknow06:3006:40Right Time225 km
32Alam Nagar07:0407:05Right Time231 km
33Sandila07:3407:36Right Time274 km
34Hardoi08:2008:22Right Time327 km
35Anji Shahabad08:4608:48Right Time359 km
36Roza Jn09:1609:18Right Time382 km
37Shahjehanpur09:3009:35Right Time389 km
38Tilhar09:5009:52Right Time408 km
39Bilpur10:0710:09Right Time424 km
40Pitambarpur10:2410:26Right Time440 km
41Bareilly10:55Right Time460 km