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14308 BE LKO ALD PASS Running status

Departure17:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated12 Dec 2018 10:15
1Bareilly17:30Right TimeYet to start
2Pitambarpur17:4917:51Right Time20 km
3Bilpur18:0618:08Right Time36 km
4Tilhar18:2318:25Right Time52 km
5Shahjehanpur19:0419:06Right Time71 km
6Roza Jn19:1419:16Right Time78 km
7Anji Shahabad19:3619:38Right Time101 km
8Hardoi20:0020:05Right Time133 km
9Sandila20:5620:58Right Time187 km
10Alam Nagar22:2822:30Right Time229 km
11Lucknow22:5523:05Right Time235 km
12Utraitia Jn23:2823:29Right Time247 km
13Mohanlalganj23:4023:41Right Time256 km
14Kankaha23:5023:51Right Time264 km
15Nigohan23:5900:00Right Time271 km
16Shrirajnagar00:0700:08Right Time277 km
17Bachhrawn00:1500:16Right Time282 km
18Kundanganj00:2500:26Right Time292 km
19Harchandpur00:3300:34Right Time298 km
20Gangaganj00:4200:43Right Time305 km
21Rae Bareli Jn01:2501:30Right Time313 km
22Rupamau01:4101:42Right Time322 km
23Fursatganj01:5101:52Right Time331 km
24Jais02:0102:02Right Time342 km
25Kasimpur H02:0702:08Right Time344 km
26Bani02:1502:16Right Time351 km
27Gauriganj02:2402:25Right Time360 km
28Talakhajuri02:3202:33Right Time366 km
29Amethi02:4002:42Right Time373 km
30Mishrauli02:5002:51Right Time379 km
31Antu02:5903:00Right Time387 km
32Jagesharganj03:0903:10Right Time396 km
33Chilbila Jn03:2103:22Right Time404 km
34Partapgarh Jn03:5003:58Right Time408 km
35Bhupia Mau04:0604:07Right Time413 km
36Bishnath Ganj04:1804:19Right Time423 km
37Mau Aimma04:3504:36Right Time434 km
38Siwaith04:5404:55Right Time448 km
39Phaphamau Jn05:2505:26Right Time454 km
40Prayag Jn05:50Right Time461 km