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14312 ALA HAZRAT EXP Running status

Departure12:45 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated14 Aug 2018 2:15
1Bhuj12:45Right TimeYet to start
2Anjar13:1813:20Right Time42 km
3Adipur13:2913:31Right Time49 km
4Gandhidham Jn13:5014:15Right Time58 km
5Bhachau14:4314:45Right Time95 km
6Samakhiali Jn15:0615:08Right Time111 km
7Maliya Miyana Jn15:4015:42Right Time151 km
8Halvad16:1516:17Right Time196 km
9Dhrangandhra16:5817:00Right Time227 km
10Viramgam Jn18:2118:23Right Time293 km
11Ahmedabad Jn19:4520:20Right Time358 km
12Mahesana Jn21:4621:48Right Time427 km
13Palanpur Jn23:4023:42Right Time492 km
14Abu Road00:3000:40Right Time545 km
15Falna01:5301:55Right Time643 km
16Marwar Jn03:2003:22Right Time710 km
17Beawar04:2204:24Right Time798 km
18Ajmer Jn06:0506:15Right Time850 km
19Kishangarh06:4106:43Right Time879 km
20Naraina07:1507:16Right Time919 km
21Phulera Jn07:2907:31Right Time930 km
22Jaipur08:3508:50Right Time984 km
23Gandhinagar Jaipur08:5809:00Right Time990 km
24Getor Jagatpura09:0809:10Right Time995 km
25Dausa09:4209:44Right Time1046 km
26Bandikui Jn10:0810:12Right Time1075 km
27Rajgarh10:2910:30Right Time1099 km
28Alwar Jn11:0811:11Right Time1135 km
29Khairthal11:2811:29Right Time1162 km
30Rewari12:3012:35Right Time1209 km
31Pataudi Road12:5312:55Right Time1231 km
32Garhi Harsaru Jn13:1013:12Right Time1251 km
33Gurgaon13:2213:24Right Time1261 km
34Palam13:3613:38Right Time1274 km
35Delhi Cantt13:4613:48Right Time1278 km
36Delhi S Rohilla14:0814:10Right Time1287 km
37Delhi14:3514:55Right Time1291 km
38Ghaziabad15:3615:38Right Time1311 km
39Pilkhua16:0216:04Right Time1337 km
40Hapur16:2016:25Right Time1348 km
41Amroha17:4317:45Right Time1422 km
42Moradabad18:3018:35Right Time1452 km
43Rampur19:0519:10Right Time1480 km
44Milak19:2919:31Right Time1503 km
45Bareilly20:35Right Time1543 km