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14321 BE BHUJ EXP Running status

Departure06:35 Right Time
Departed from Gajraula Jn at 09:42, 144 kms. ahead of Bareilly
Running Late 30 mins
Updated20 Jan 2019 9:43
1Bareilly06:35Right TimeDeparted
2Milak07:2107:23Late 12mDeparted
3Rampur07:4707:50Late 14mDeparted
4Moradabad08:2508:30Late 7mDeparted
5Amroha09:2009:22Late 30mDeparted
6Gajraula Jn09:4209:42No StoppageDeparted 168 min ago updated
7Hapur10:2210:24Late 27m51 km away
8Pilkhua10:3510:37Late 27m62 km away
9Ghaziabad11:0811:10Late 18m88 km away
10Delhi11:4411:54Late 4m108 km away
11Delhi S Rohilla12:1012:12Late 4m112 km away
12Delhi Cantt12:2712:29Late 4m121 km away
13Palam12:3512:37Late 4m125 km away
14Gurgaon12:4912:51Late 4m138 km away
15Garhi Harsaru Jn13:0113:02Late 4m148 km away
16Pataudi Road13:1813:20Late 4m168 km away
17Rewari13:5013:52Right Time190 km away
18Harsauli14:2014:21Right Time229 km away
19Khairthal14:2914:30Right Time237 km away
20Alwar Jn14:5214:55Right Time264 km away
21Malakhera15:0915:10Right Time283 km away
22Rajgarh15:2415:25Right Time300 km away
23Bandikui Jn15:4515:50Right Time324 km away
24Dausa16:0816:10Right Time353 km away
25Getor Jagatpura16:4316:45Right Time404 km away
26Gandhinagar Jaipur16:5116:53Right Time409 km away
27Jaipur17:2017:30Right Time415 km away
28Phulera Jn18:1018:12Right Time469 km away
29Naraina18:2218:23Right Time480 km away
30Kishangarh18:5518:57Right Time520 km away
31Ajmer Jn20:0520:15Right Time549 km away
32Beawar20:5620:58Right Time601 km away
33Marwar Jn22:1322:15Right Time689 km away
34Falna23:1123:13Right Time756 km away
35Abu Road01:1301:23Right Time854 km away
36Palanpur Jn02:4202:47Right Time907 km away
37Disa03:0803:10Right Time934 km away
38Bhildi Jn03:2803:30Right Time952 km away
39Diyodar03:4803:50Right Time979 km away
40Radhanpur04:2004:22Right Time1020 km away
41Santalpur04:5204:54Right Time1063 km away
42Samakhiali Jn06:3806:40Right Time1155 km away
43Bhachau06:5606:58Right Time1171 km away
44Gandhidham Jn07:4008:05Right Time1208 km away
45Adipur08:1308:15Right Time1217 km away
46Anjar08:2508:27Right Time1224 km away
47Bhuj09:30Right Time1266 km away