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14322 BAREILLY EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected17:05 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1Bhuj17:05Right TimeYet to start
2Anjar17:3617:38Right Time41 km
3Adipur17:4717:49Right Time48 km
4Gandhidham Jn18:1018:30Right Time57 km
5Bhachau18:5618:58Right Time94 km
6Samakhiali Jn19:2519:27Right Time110 km
7Santalpur20:3220:34Right Time202 km
8Radhanpur21:0521:07Right Time245 km
9Diyodar21:3821:40Right Time286 km
10Bhildi Jn22:0522:07Right Time313 km
11Disa22:2022:22Right Time331 km
12Palanpur Jn23:4023:42Right Time358 km
13Abu Road00:3500:45Right Time411 km
14Falna02:2402:26Right Time510 km
15Marwar Jn03:2503:27Right Time576 km
16Beawar04:4304:45Right Time664 km
17Ajmer Jn06:0006:10Right Time716 km
18Kishangarh06:3806:40Right Time745 km
19Naraina07:0807:10Right Time786 km
20Phulera Jn07:3807:40Right Time796 km
21Jaipur08:3008:45Right Time850 km
22Gandhinagar Jaipur08:5208:55Right Time856 km
23Getor Jagatpura09:0209:04Right Time861 km
24Dausa09:3909:41Right Time912 km
25Bandikui Jn10:0410:10Right Time941 km
26Rajgarh10:2610:28Right Time965 km
27Alwar Jn11:0711:10Right Time1001 km
28Khairthal11:2811:29Right Time1028 km
29Harsauli11:3711:38Right Time1036 km
30Rewari12:3012:35Right Time1075 km
31Pataudi Road12:5312:55Right Time1097 km
32Garhi Harsaru Jn13:1013:12Right Time1117 km
33Gurgaon13:2213:24Right Time1127 km
34Palam13:3613:38Right Time1140 km
35Delhi Cantt13:4613:48Right Time1144 km
36Delhi S Rohilla14:0814:10Right Time1153 km
37Delhi14:3514:55Right Time1158 km
38Ghaziabad15:3615:38Right Time1177 km
39Pilkhua16:0216:04Right Time1203 km
40Hapur16:2016:25Right Time1214 km
41Amroha17:1817:20Right Time1288 km
42Moradabad18:3518:45Right Time1318 km
43Rampur19:1719:22Right Time1346 km
44Milak19:4319:45Right Time1369 km
45Bareilly20:35Right Time1409 km