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14553 HIMACHAL EXP Running status

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EExpected22:55 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Delhi22:55Right TimeYet to start
2Subzi Mandi23:0623:08Right Time2 km
3Badli23:2123:23Right Time13 km
4Narela23:3623:38Right Time25 km
5Sonipat23:5423:56Right Time43 km
6Ganaur00:0900:11Right Time59 km
7Samalkha00:2300:25Right Time71 km
8Panipat Jn00:4100:43Right Time88 km
9Karnal01:0601:08Right Time122 km
10Kurukshetra Jn01:3401:36Right Time155 km
11Ambala Cant Jn02:5503:05Right Time197 km
12Ambala City03:1703:19Right Time204 km
13Rajpura Jn03:3603:38Right Time225 km
14Sirhind Jn04:0504:10Right Time250 km
15Fatehgarh Sahib04:1404:16Right Time254 km
16Bassi Pathanan04:2204:24Right Time258 km
17Morinda04:4104:43Right Time279 km
18Kurali04:5304:55Right Time287 km
19Roop Nagar05:1605:21Right Time304 km
20Ghanauli05:2905:31Right Time313 km
21Kiratpur Sahib05:5206:03Right Time331 km
22Anandpur Sahib06:2106:23Right Time339 km
23Nangal Dam06:5007:13Right Time359 km
24Naya Nangal H07:2007:21Right Time362 km
25Rai Maihatpur07:3007:31Right Time366 km
26Una Himachal07:5008:00Right Time376 km
27Churaru Takarla08:1808:19Right Time392 km
28Amb Andaura08:45Right Time403 km