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14673 SHAHEED EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected15:15 24 May 2018
PDelayLate 8h 0m
Last Update24 May 2018 4:46
Yet to start
Late 8h 0mYet to start
2Khajauli15:2815:30Late 8h 0m12 km
3Rajnagar15:4015:42Late 8h 0m21 km
4Madhubani15:5516:00Late 8h 0m31 km
5Pandaul15:5916:01Late 7h 50m40 km
6Sakri Jn16:1316:18Late 7h 50m48 km
7Tarsarai16:2316:25Late 7h 50m55 km
8Kakarghatti16:3016:32Late 7h 50m61 km
9Darbhanga Jn17:0517:15Late 7h 50m68 km
10Laheria Sarai17:2317:28Late 7h 50m72 km
11Haiaghat17:3717:39Late 7h 50m83 km
12Samastipur Jn18:1418:34Late 7h 44m105 km
13Dholi18:5618:58Late 7h 44m132 km
14Muzaffarpur Jn19:2419:29Late 7h 29m157 km
15Hajipur Jn20:1420:19Late 7h 29m210 km
16Sonpur Jn20:2920:34Late 7h 29m216 km
17Chhapra21:1721:32Late 6h 52m270 km
18Siwan Jn22:1722:22Late 6h 47m330 km
19Mairwa22:4022:42Late 6h 47m352 km
20Bhatpar Rani22:5722:59Late 6h 39m366 km
21Bhatni Jn23:1423:19Late 6h 34m379 km
22Deoria Sadar23:3523:37Late 6h 32m400 km
23Gorakhpur Cant00:1400:16Late 5h 46m446 km
24Gorakhpur00:3601:01Late 5h 41m450 km
25Khalilabad01:3901:41Late 5h 41m484 km
26Basti02:0602:09Late 5h 29m514 km
27Babhnan02:3202:34Late 5h 29m544 km
28Mankapur Jn03:0203:04Late 5h 29m575 km
29Gonda Jn03:3403:39Late 5h 29m603 km
30Barabanki Jn04:5704:59Late 5h 4m692 km
31Lucknow05:3705:52Late 4h 47m720 km
32Shahjehanpur08:0608:09Late 4h 21m884 km
33Bareilly09:0409:09Late 4h 19m955 km
34Rampur11:0311:08Late 4h 13m1018 km
35Moradabad12:2312:33Late 4h 3m1046 km
36Amroha13:0013:02Late 3h 54m1076 km
37Hapur13:5814:00Late 3h 38m1150 km
38Ghaziabad15:0715:09Late 3h 22m1187 km
39Delhi15:4216:17Late 3h 12m1207 km
40Subzi Mandi16:3116:33Late 3h 12m1209 km
41Sonipat17:1617:18Late 3h 2m1250 km
42Panipat Jn18:2218:24Late 2h 39m1295 km
43Karnal18:4718:49Late 2h 35m1329 km
44Kurukshetra Jn19:1519:17Late 2h 35m1362 km
45Ambala Cant Jn19:4819:56Late 2h 1m1404 km
46Ambala City20:0820:10Late 2h 1m1411 km
47Rajpura Jn20:2520:27Late 2h 1m1432 km
48Sirhind Jn20:4820:50Late 2h 1m1457 km
49Mandi Gobind Garh20:5720:59Late 2h 1m1467 km
50Khanna21:0721:09Late 2h 1m1475 km
51Doraha21:2621:27Late 1h 51m1495 km
52Ludhiana Jn22:2922:36Late 1h 49m1517 km
53Phillaur Jn22:4922:51Late 1h 49m1531 km
54Phagwara Jn23:1023:12Late 1h 49m1553 km
55Jalandhar Cant23:2823:30Late 1h 42m1570 km
56Jalandhar City23:3923:46Late 1h 36m1574 km
57Beas00:1400:16Late 1h 26m1611 km
58Amritsar Jn00:48Late 53m1653 km