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14708 RANAKPUR EXPRES Running status

Arrival19:20 Right Time
Departure19:25 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated17 Mar 2019 2:15
1Bandra Terminus15:05Right TimeYet to start
2Borivali15:3515:40Right Time19 km
3Palghar16:3516:40Right Time76 km
4Vapi17:3717:42Right Time159 km
5Valsad18:1018:15Right Time183 km
6Navsari18:4518:47Right Time222 km
7Surat19:2019:25Right Time251 km
8Bharuch Jn20:0920:11Right Time310 km
9Vadodara Jn21:4521:50Right Time380 km
10Anand Jn22:2522:27Right Time416 km
11Nadiad Jn22:4222:44Right Time435 km
12Ahmedabad Jn23:5500:15Right Time480 km
13Sabarmati Bg00:3000:32Right Time486 km
14Kalol00:5400:56Right Time507 km
15Mahesana Jn01:4901:51Right Time549 km
16Palanpur Jn03:2503:28Right Time614 km
17Abu Road04:2504:35Right Time666 km
18Pindwara05:0905:11Right Time710 km
19Jawai Bandh05:3905:41Right Time749 km
20Falna05:5305:55Right Time765 km
21Rani06:0806:10Right Time780 km
22Somesar06:2606:28Right Time804 km
23Marwar Jn07:3507:40Right Time832 km
24Pali Marwar08:0308:08Right Time862 km
25Luni Jn08:5408:56Right Time903 km
26Jodhpur Jn09:3509:50Right Time935 km
27Raika Bagh09:5609:58Right Time937 km
28Gotan11:1111:13Right Time1019 km
29Merta Road Jn11:3911:44Right Time1039 km
30Marwar Mundwa12:2312:25Right Time1078 km
31Nagaur12:4212:47Right Time1096 km
32Nokha13:2413:26Right Time1147 km
33Deshnoke13:5613:58Right Time1180 km
34Bikaner Jn15:30Right Time1212 km