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14723 KALINDI EXPRESS Running status

Departure17:25 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated17 Dec 2018 10:15
1Kanpur Central17:25Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Anwarganj17:3517:43Right Time2 km
3Kalianpur17:5317:55Right Time12 km
4Barrajpur18:1618:18Right Time36 km
5Bilhaur18:3318:35Right Time55 km
6Kannauj18:5619:01Right Time80 km
7Gursahaiganj19:2519:27Right Time102 km
8Kamalganj19:4219:44Right Time122 km
9Fatehgarh20:0420:06Right Time134 km
10Farrukhabad Jn20:3021:05Right Time139 km
11Bhongaon21:5521:58Right Time184 km
12Mainpuri22:2522:30Right Time198 km
13Shikohabad Jn23:4523:50Right Time246 km
14Firozabad00:2500:30Right Time266 km
15Tundla Jn01:0001:10Right Time282 km
16Aligarh Jn02:1702:22Right Time360 km
17Khurja Jn02:5202:54Right Time403 km
18Ghaziabad04:4004:42Right Time473 km
19Delhi Shahdara05:0105:03Right Time487 km
20Delhi05:3505:50Right Time493 km
21Delhi Kishanganj06:0306:05Right Time496 km
22Shakurbasti06:1906:21Right Time503 km
23Bahadurgarh06:3806:40Right Time523 km
24Sampla06:5406:56Right Time541 km
25Rohtak Jn07:5508:10Right Time563 km
26Lahli08:2208:24Right Time577 km
27Kalanaur Kalan08:3208:34Right Time583 km
28Kharak08:4408:45Right Time591 km
29Bamla08:5408:55Right Time599 km
30Bhiwani City09:0609:07Right Time607 km
31Bhiwani09:25Right Time612 km