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14801 JU INDB EXP Running status

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Jodhpur Jn-JU
EExpected07:00 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jodhpur Jn07:00Right TimeYet to start
2Bhagat Ki Kothi07:0607:08Right Time3 km
3Basni07:1307:15Right Time6 km
4Salawas07:2407:26Right Time16 km
5Hanwant07:3507:37Right Time24 km
6Luni Jn07:4707:58Right Time31 km
7Rohat08:0908:10Right Time44 km
8Kairla08:2108:22Right Time57 km
9Pali Marwar08:4508:50Right Time72 km
10Bomadra08:5708:59Right Time83 km
11Rajkiawas09:1709:19Right Time92 km
12Marwar Jn09:4010:00Right Time103 km
13Sojat Road10:1810:20Right Time124 km
14Haripur10:4310:45Right Time157 km
15Sendra11:0411:05Right Time177 km
16Beawar11:2211:24Right Time190 km
17Ajmer Jn12:3513:00Right Time243 km
18Nasirabad13:2213:24Right Time266 km
19Bijainagar13:5613:58Right Time308 km
20Sareri14:2214:23Right Time334 km
21Bhilwara15:0115:06Right Time374 km
22Hamirgarh15:2015:22Right Time392 km
23Gangarar15:3415:36Right Time406 km
24Chanderiya16:2816:30Right Time421 km
25Chittaurgarh16:4517:00Right Time429 km
26Shambhupara17:1117:12Right Time440 km
27Nimbahera17:2817:30Right Time457 km
28Jawad Road17:4217:43Right Time468 km
29Nimach17:5818:00Right Time484 km
30Malhargarh18:3118:32Right Time510 km
31Piplia18:4118:42Right Time517 km
32Mandsor18:5618:58Right Time533 km
33Dalauda19:1119:12Right Time548 km
34Dhodhar19:3419:35Right Time568 km
35Jaora19:5019:52Right Time584 km
36Namli20:2120:22Right Time604 km
37Ratlam Jn20:4020:45Right Time617 km
38Barnagar21:2621:28Right Time664 km
39Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn21:5822:00Right Time696 km
40Lakshmibai Nagar22:3822:39Right Time732 km
41Indore Jn Bg23:00Right Time736 km