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14814 BPL JODHPUR EXP Running status

Departure17:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 2:15
1Bhopal Jn17:25Right TimeYet to start
2Salamatpur17:5517:56Right Time37 km
3Sanchi18:0118:03Right Time44 km
4Vidisha18:2218:24Right Time53 km
5Gulabganj18:5018:52Right Time75 km
6Pabai19:0219:03Right Time84 km
7Ganj Basoda19:1319:15Right Time93 km
8Bareth19:2619:27Right Time103 km
9Kalhar19:3719:38Right Time112 km
10Mandi Bamora19:4619:47Right Time121 km
11Bina Jn20:0520:10Right Time138 km
12Kanjiya20:3420:36Right Time159 km
13Mungaoli20:4520:47Right Time167 km
14Guneru Bamori20:5720:58Right Time175 km
15Pipraigaon21:0921:11Right Time186 km
16Orr21:2721:28Right Time200 km
17Ashok Nagar21:4321:45Right Time213 km
18Shadhoragaon21:5922:01Right Time228 km
19Pagara22:1722:18Right Time243 km
20Guna22:3522:45Right Time257 km
21Mahugarha22:5722:59Right Time264 km
22Ruthiyai23:3023:35Right Time277 km
23Chhabra Gugor00:1300:15Right Time316 km
24Salpura00:2800:30Right Time332 km
25Atru00:4300:45Right Time346 km
26Baran01:1001:12Right Time375 km
27Antah01:3201:34Right Time397 km
28Kota Jn03:1003:20Right Time441 km
29Keshorai Patan03:4103:43Right Time455 km
30Kapren04:0104:03Right Time475 km
31Lakheri04:1904:21Right Time502 km
32Indragarh Sumerganj Mandi04:3304:35Right Time513 km
33Amli04:4404:46Right Time526 km
34Rawanjna Dungar04:5304:55Right Time534 km
35Sawai Madhopur05:3505:55Right Time549 km
36Devpura06:0406:05Right Time560 km
37Chauth Ka Brwra06:1506:16Right Time571 km
38Sureli06:2506:26Right Time580 km
39Isarda06:3506:36Right Time589 km
40Siras06:4606:47Right Time599 km
41Bansthali Niwai07:0407:05Right Time615 km
42Channani07:1707:18Right Time628 km
43Chaksu07:2807:29Right Time638 km
44Sheodaspura Padampura07:4707:48Right Time651 km
45Sanganer08:1608:18Right Time668 km
46Durgapura08:2708:28Right Time673 km
47Jaipur09:1009:25Right Time681 km
48Kanakpura09:3509:36Right Time689 km
49Bindayaka09:4209:43Right Time694 km
50Dhanakya09:4909:50Right Time699 km
51Sheosinghpura09:5609:57Right Time703 km
52Bobas10:0510:06Right Time710 km
53Asalpur Jobner10:1410:15Right Time717 km
54Dhinda10:2210:23Right Time723 km
55Hirnoda10:2910:30Right Time727 km
56Phulera Jn11:3512:00Right Time735 km
57Sambhar Lake12:0812:09Right Time743 km
58Gudha12:1912:20Right Time751 km
59Govindi Marwar12:3112:32Right Time761 km
60Nawa City12:4112:42Right Time770 km
61Naya Kharadia12:5112:52Right Time777 km
62Thathana Mithri12:5812:59Right Time781 km
63Kuchaman City13:0413:06Right Time786 km
64Makrana Jn13:2313:26Right Time800 km
65Borawar13:3513:37Right Time806 km
66Besroli13:4713:49Right Time817 km
67Gachhipura14:0014:02Right Time829 km
68Degana Jn14:1714:20Right Time844 km
69Jalsu Nanak14:2814:29Right Time852 km
70Jalsu14:3714:38Right Time857 km
71Ren14:5014:52Right Time872 km
72Kheduli15:0015:02Right Time879 km
73Merta Road Jn15:3015:35Right Time889 km
74Jogi Magra15:4315:45Right Time900 km
75Gotan15:5315:55Right Time909 km
76Kharia Khangarh16:0316:05Right Time916 km
77Umed16:1716:18Right Time927 km
78Sathin Road16:2816:29Right Time937 km
79Pipar Road Jn16:4616:48Right Time946 km
80Kheri Salwa17:1417:16Right Time952 km
81Asaranada17:3217:33Right Time961 km
82Jajiwal17:4117:43Right Time970 km
83Banar18:2218:23Right Time978 km
84Jodhpur Cantt18:3118:32Right Time985 km
85Raika Bagh19:1819:20Right Time991 km
86Jodhpur Jn19:50Right Time993 km