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15003 CHAURICHAURAEXP Running status

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Kanpur Anwarganj-CPA
EExpected16:40 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kanpur Anwarganj16:40Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Central16:5017:25Right Time2 km
3Bindki Road18:0318:04Right Time48 km
4Fatehpur18:3018:32Right Time80 km
5Khaga18:5518:57Right Time114 km
6Sirathu19:1819:20Right Time139 km
7Bharwari19:3819:40Right Time159 km
8Allahabad Jn21:0021:10Right Time196 km
9Allahabad City21:1821:20Right Time199 km
10Handia Khas22:0822:10Right Time235 km
11Gyanpur Road22:3922:40Right Time261 km
12Madhosingh22:5823:00Right Time273 km
13Bhulanpur F23:3823:40Right Time314 km
14Manduadih00:0600:08Right Time317 km
15Varanasi Jn00:2500:35Right Time320 km
16Varanasi City00:4300:45Right Time324 km
17Aunrihar Jn01:2001:22Right Time355 km
18Dullahapur01:5601:58Right Time392 km
19Mau Jn02:2002:25Right Time413 km
20Indara Jn02:3902:41Right Time421 km
21Belthara Road03:0403:06Right Time448 km
22Lar Road03:2303:25Right Time461 km
23Salempur Jn03:4803:50Right Time471 km
24Bhatni Jn04:2004:25Right Time481 km
25Deoria Sadar04:4004:45Right Time502 km
26Gauri Bazar05:1805:20Right Time517 km
27Chauri Chaura05:3305:35Right Time527 km
28Sardarnagar F05:4805:50Right Time532 km
29Kusmhi06:1306:15Right Time538 km
30Gorakhpur Cant06:3606:38Right Time548 km
31Gorakhpur06:55Right Time551 km