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15007 BCY LJN EXPRESS Running status

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Varanasi City-BCY
EExpected17:00 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update23 May 2018 14:35
Yet to start
1Varanasi City17:00Right TimeYet to start
2Sarnath17:1017:12Right Time6 km
3Aunrihar Jn17:3317:35Right Time31 km
4Sadat17:5317:55Right Time49 km
5Jakhanian18:0918:11Right Time59 km
6Dullahapur18:2118:23Right Time67 km
7Mau Jn18:4518:50Right Time88 km
8Indara Jn19:0319:05Right Time96 km
9Kiriharapur19:1719:18Right Time110 km
10Belthara Road19:3319:35Right Time124 km
11Lar Road19:5619:58Right Time137 km
12Salempur Jn20:1320:15Right Time146 km
13Bhatni Jn20:4020:45Right Time156 km
14Nunkhar20:5520:57Right Time164 km
15Deoria Sadar21:0821:10Right Time177 km
16Gauri Bazar21:3321:35Right Time193 km
17Chauri Chaura21:4821:50Right Time202 km
18Gorakhpur22:4023:05Right Time227 km
19Domingarh23:1823:20Right Time231 km
20Jagatbela23:3223:34Right Time238 km
21Sahjanwa23:4523:47Right Time244 km
22Maghar23:5723:59Right Time253 km
23Khalilabad00:0800:10Right Time261 km
24Basti00:3800:40Right Time291 km
25Babhnan01:0601:08Right Time322 km
26Maskanwa01:2001:22Right Time338 km
27Mankapur Jn01:3601:38Right Time352 km
28Gonda Jn02:1502:20Right Time380 km
29Colonelganj02:4502:47Right Time409 km
30Jarwal Road03:0603:08Right Time426 km
31Burhwal Jn03:2603:28Right Time441 km
32Barabanki Jn04:1504:17Right Time469 km
33Gomtinagar F04:5004:52Right Time489 km
34Badshahnagar05:0005:02Right Time493 km
35Lucknow City05:1705:19Right Time500 km
36Lucknow Ne05:45Right Time505 km