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15008 LJN BCY EXP Running status

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Lucknow Ne-LJN
EExpected23:10 28 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update26 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1Lucknow Ne23:10Right TimeYet to start
2Lucknow City23:2423:26Right Time5 km
3Badshahnagar23:3823:40Right Time11 km
4Barabanki Jn00:2000:22Right Time36 km
5Burhwal Jn00:4600:48Right Time63 km
6Jarwal Road01:0601:08Right Time79 km
7Colonelganj01:2401:26Right Time96 km
8Gonda Jn02:1502:20Right Time124 km
9Mankapur Jn02:4602:48Right Time152 km
10Maskanwa03:0303:05Right Time167 km
11Babhnan03:2403:26Right Time183 km
12Basti04:0004:03Right Time213 km
13Khalilabad04:3004:32Right Time243 km
14Maghar04:4404:46Right Time252 km
15Sihapar H04:5404:55Right Time255 km
16Sahjanwa05:0805:10Right Time260 km
17Jagatbela05:2305:25Right Time267 km
18Domingarh05:4305:45Right Time274 km
19Gorakhpur06:1506:35Right Time278 km
20Gorakhpur Cant06:4806:50Right Time281 km
21Chauri Chaura07:0807:10Right Time302 km
22Gauri Bazar07:2107:23Right Time312 km
23Deoria Sadar07:3807:40Right Time327 km
24Nunkhar07:5507:57Right Time341 km
25Bhatni Jn08:0508:10Right Time348 km
26Salempur Jn08:2308:25Right Time359 km
27Lar Road08:3408:36Right Time368 km
28Belthara Road08:5208:54Right Time381 km
29Kiriharapur09:1909:21Right Time395 km
30Indara Jn09:4009:42Right Time408 km
31Mau Jn09:5510:00Right Time416 km
32Dullahapur10:2610:28Right Time437 km
33Jakhanian10:4310:45Right Time446 km
34Sadat11:0611:08Right Time455 km
35Aunrihar Jn11:3511:37Right Time474 km
36Sarnath12:0412:06Right Time498 km
37Varanasi City12:25Right Time505 km