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15027 MAURYA EXP Running status

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PDelayRight Time
Last Update20 Apr 2018 23:15
Departed from Kulti at 23:13 20 Apr 2018, 227 kms. ahead of Hatia
Running Late 2 mins
Train is diverted between Bachwara Jn and Hajipur Jn
Hatia17:05Right TimeDeparted
Ranchi17:2017:30Right TimeDeparted
Muri18:3618:41Late 1mDeparted
Jhalida18:5819:02Late 2mDeparted
Kotshila19:1419:20Late 2mDeparted
Bokaro Stl City19:4419:50Right TimeDeparted
Chandrapura20:1820:26Right TimeDeparted
Gomoh Jn20:4521:20Late 5mDeparted
Tetulmari21:4421:47Late 11mDeparted
Dhanbad Jn22:0322:10Right TimeDeparted
Kumardubi22:4722:49Late 2mDeparted
Barakar22:5422:56Late 3mDeparted
Kulti23:0723:13Late 2mDeparted 21 min ago updated
1Chittaranjan23:3823:41Right Time16 km away
2Vidyasagar00:0600:08Late 1m49 km away
3Madhupur Jn00:2900:33Right Time73 km away
4Jasidih Jn00:5801:03Right Time102 km away
5Jhajha01:5502:15Right Time146 km away
6Jamui02:3302:35Late 2m172 km away
7Kiul Jn02:5403:07Right Time199 km away
8Luckeesarai Jn03:1403:16Late 2m201 km away
9Barhiya03:3303:35Right Time216 km away
10Hathidah Jn Upper04:1004:11Right Time226 km away
11Barauni Jn05:0005:20Right Time239 km away
12Bachwara Jn05:4105:43Late 3m255 km away
13Dalsingh Sarai05:5405:56Right Time266 km away
14Samastipur Jn06:4506:50Right Time290 km away
15Karpoorigram06:5907:01Right Time296 km away
16Khudiram Bose Pusa07:0807:10Right Time303 km away
17Dholi07:2207:24Right Time316 km away
18Muzaffarpur Jn08:0508:10Right Time341 km away
19Goraul08:5208:54Right Time367 km away
20Bhagwanpur09:1209:14Right Time376 km away
21Hajipur Jn09:4509:50Right Time395 km away
22Sonpur Jn10:0010:05Right Time401 km away
23Dighwara10:2610:28Late 2m424 km away
24Chhapra Kachehri11:4011:41Right Time452 km away
25Chhapra11:5012:10Right Time454 km away
26Ekma12:3312:35Late 2m482 km away
27Duraundha Jn12:5112:53Late 2m497 km away
28Siwan Jn13:1013:15Right Time515 km away
29Jiradei13:2613:28Right Time526 km away
30Mairwa13:3413:40Right Time536 km away
31Bankata13:4914:08Late 14m543 km away
32Bhatpar Rani14:1814:20Late 14m551 km away
33Bhatni Jn14:4014:50Right Time564 km away
34Deoria Sadar15:0715:15Right Time585 km away
35Gauri Bazar15:5916:08Right Time600 km away
36Chauri Chaura16:2016:28Right Time610 km away
37Gorakhpur16:55Right Time634 km away