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15049 KOAA GKP EXP Running status

Departure14:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is diverted between Kolkata and Barddhaman
Updated16 Dec 2018 12:56
1Kolkata14:30Right TimeYet to start
2Naihati Jn15:2215:24Right Time34 km
3Bandel Jn15:4515:47Right Time42 km
4Barddhaman16:5016:52Right Time110 km
5Durgapur17:3817:43Right Time173 km
6Asansol Jn18:1718:22Right Time216 km
7Chittaranjan18:4518:47Right Time241 km
8Madhupur Jn19:2619:29Right Time298 km
9Jasidih Jn19:5419:58Right Time327 km
10Jhajha20:5821:10Right Time371 km
11Barauni Jn23:1523:35Right Time464 km
12Mohiuddinnagar00:0900:11Late 2m501 km
13Shahpur Patoree00:2100:23Late 2m514 km
14Desari00:4400:46Late 2m531 km
15Hajipur Jn01:1001:15Right Time552 km
16Chhapra02:4002:50Right Time611 km
17Suraimanpur03:1803:20Late 2m639 km
18Ballia03:5204:00Right Time676 km
19Phephna Jn04:1204:17Right Time686 km
20Rasra04:3804:40Right Time709 km
21Indara Jn05:1005:12Right Time737 km
22Mau Jn05:2805:55Right Time745 km
23Belthara Road06:2406:29Late 2m780 km
24Salempur Jn06:5507:07Right Time802 km
25Bhatni Jn07:2407:35Right Time813 km
26Deoria Sadar08:0008:05Right Time834 km
27Gorakhpur08:49Right Time883 km