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15112 CPR INTERCITY Running status

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Varanasi City-BCY
EExpected18:35 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Varanasi City18:35Right TimeYet to start
2Aunrihar Jn19:0319:05Right Time31 km
3Mahpur19:1719:18Right Time40 km
4Jakhanian19:3519:36Right Time59 km
5Dullahapur19:4719:48Right Time67 km
6Mau Jn20:1520:20Right Time88 km
7Indara Jn20:3120:33Right Time96 km
8Ratanpura20:4720:49Right Time111 km
9Rasra21:0221:04Right Time125 km
10Chilkahar21:1521:17Right Time136 km
11Phephna Jn21:3321:35Right Time147 km
12Ballia22:0522:10Right Time157 km
13Suraimanpur23:0023:01Right Time194 km
14Chhapra23:50Right Time222 km