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15203 BJU LJN EXP Running status

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Barauni Jn-BJU
EExpected20:30 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update25 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1Barauni Jn20:30Right TimeYet to start
2Bachwara Jn20:4820:50Right Time16 km
3Dalsingh Sarai21:0321:05Right Time27 km
4Samastipur Jn21:3521:40Right Time50 km
5Khudiram Bose Pusa21:5421:55Right Time64 km
6Dholi22:0622:08Right Time77 km
7Muzaffarpur Jn22:3522:40Right Time102 km
8Hajipur Jn23:4023:45Right Time156 km
9Sonpur Jn23:5700:02Right Time162 km
10Dighwara00:2100:23Right Time185 km
11Chhapra01:1001:20Right Time215 km
12Siwan Jn02:0502:15Right Time276 km
13Mairwa02:3302:35Right Time297 km
14Bhatpar Rani02:4902:51Right Time312 km
15Bhatni Jn03:1503:20Right Time325 km
16Deoria Sadar03:3803:40Right Time346 km
17Gauri Bazar03:5804:00Right Time361 km
18Chauri Chaura04:1104:13Right Time371 km
19Gorakhpur05:3005:40Right Time395 km
20Jagatbela06:0206:04Right Time406 km
21Sahjanwa06:1506:17Right Time413 km
22Maghar06:2706:29Right Time421 km
23Khalilabad06:4806:50Right Time430 km
24Munderwa07:1107:13Right Time445 km
25Basti07:2707:30Right Time459 km
26Babhnan08:0808:10Right Time490 km
27Maskanwa08:3808:40Right Time506 km
28Mankapur Jn08:5408:56Right Time521 km
29Gonda Jn09:3009:35Right Time549 km
30Colonelganj10:0010:02Right Time577 km
31Jarwal Road10:2010:22Right Time594 km
32Burhwal Jn10:4510:47Right Time610 km
33Barabanki Jn11:3211:34Right Time637 km
34Gomtinagar F12:0412:06Right Time658 km
35Badshahnagar12:1612:18Right Time662 km
36Lucknow City12:3312:35Right Time668 km
37Lucknow Ne13:00Right Time673 km