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15204 LJN BJU EXP Running status

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Lucknow Ne-LJN
EExpected15:00 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Lucknow Ne15:00Right TimeYet to start
2Lucknow City15:1815:20Right Time5 km
3Badshahnagar15:4015:42Right Time11 km
4Gomtinagar F15:5115:53Right Time15 km
5Barabanki Jn16:3016:32Right Time36 km
6Burhwal Jn16:5416:56Right Time63 km
7Jarwal Road17:1417:16Right Time79 km
8Colonelganj17:3217:34Right Time96 km
9Gonda Jn18:1018:15Right Time124 km
10Mankapur Jn18:3918:41Right Time152 km
11Maskanwa18:5418:56Right Time167 km
12Babhnan19:1619:18Right Time183 km
13Basti19:5019:53Right Time213 km
14Munderwa20:0720:09Right Time228 km
15Khalilabad20:2320:25Right Time243 km
16Maghar20:3920:41Right Time252 km
17Sahjanwa20:5120:53Right Time260 km
18Gorakhpur22:0022:15Right Time278 km
19Gorakhpur Cant22:2822:30Right Time281 km
20Chauri Chaura22:4822:50Right Time302 km
21Gauri Bazar23:0123:03Right Time312 km
22Deoria Sadar23:2023:25Right Time327 km
23Bhatni Jn23:5023:53Right Time348 km
24Bhatpar Rani00:0600:08Right Time361 km
25Mairwa00:2200:24Right Time376 km
26Siwan Jn00:5001:00Right Time397 km
27Chhapra02:2002:30Right Time458 km
28Dighwara03:0203:04Right Time488 km
29Sonpur Jn03:3003:35Right Time511 km
30Hajipur Jn03:4503:50Right Time517 km
31Muzaffarpur Jn04:4504:50Right Time571 km
32Dholi05:1105:13Right Time596 km
33Khudiram Bose Pusa05:2405:26Right Time609 km
34Samastipur Jn06:0806:13Right Time622 km
35Dalsingh Sarai07:0007:02Right Time646 km
36Bachwara Jn07:2207:24Right Time657 km
37Barauni Jn08:00Right Time673 km