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15205 CHITRAKUT EXP Running status

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Lucknow Ne-LJN
EExpected17:30 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Lucknow Ne17:30Right TimeYet to start
2Unnao Jn18:2318:25Right Time56 km
3Kanpur Central19:0519:15Right Time73 km
4Govindpuri19:2819:30Right Time77 km
5Holding Line19:3519:37Right Time82 km
6Bhimsen19:4319:45Right Time87 km
7Kathara Road19:5820:00Right Time100 km
8Patara20:1220:14Right Time110 km
9Ghatampur20:2620:28Right Time120 km
10Hamirpur Road20:4220:44Right Time135 km
11Bharwa Sumerpur21:0621:08Right Time159 km
12Ragaul21:2321:25Right Time176 km
13Ichauli21:4621:48Right Time195 km
14Banda Jn22:2522:35Right Time216 km
15Khurhand22:5122:53Right Time235 km
16Atarra23:0523:07Right Time248 km
17Shivrampur23:3823:40Right Time276 km
18Chitrakot23:5223:57Right Time285 km
19Manikpur Jn01:5002:15Right Time316 km
20Majhgawan02:4202:44Right Time353 km
21Jaitwar03:0203:04Right Time374 km
22Satna03:3003:40Right Time394 km
23Unchhera03:5403:56Right Time415 km
24Maihar04:0504:10Right Time429 km
25Jukehi04:4304:45Right Time475 km
26Katni05:1005:15Right Time492 km
27Sihora Road06:1306:15Right Time544 km
28Jabalpur07:10Right Time583 km