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15211 JANNAYAK EXP Running status

Departure17:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is cancelled between Jalandhar City and Amritsar Jn
Updated28 Sep 2018 22:39
1Darbhanga Jn17:10Right TimeCancelled
2Laheria Sarai17:1617:18Right Time4 km
3Haiaghat17:2817:30Right Time16 km
4Samastipur Jn18:3518:58Right Time37 km
5Karpoorigram19:0619:08Right Time44 km
6Dholi19:2319:25Right Time64 km
7Muzaffarpur Jn20:1520:20Right Time89 km
8Motipur20:4520:47Right Time115 km
9Mehsi20:5821:00Right Time129 km
10Chakia21:1121:13Right Time137 km
11Pipra21:2321:25Right Time147 km
12Bapudm Motihari21:5922:02Right Time168 km
13Sagauli Jn22:2822:30Right Time190 km
14Bettiah22:4722:50Right Time212 km
15Chanpatia23:0223:04Right Time229 km
16Narkatiaganj Jn23:2323:28Right Time248 km
17Harinagar23:4223:44Right Time264 km
18Bagaha00:1200:15Right Time290 km
19Khada01:2401:26Right Time319 km
20Siswa Bazar01:4001:42Right Time333 km
21Ghughuli01:5401:56Right Time345 km
22Kaptanganj Jn02:1302:18Right Time359 km
23Pipraich02:4202:44Right Time379 km
24Gorakhpur03:3503:55Right Time398 km
25Basti04:5404:57Right Time463 km
26Gonda Jn06:1506:25Right Time552 km
27Burhwal Jn07:3507:40Right Time613 km
28Mahmudabad Avadh08:1608:18Right Time651 km
29Sitapur Cant10:0810:18Right Time711 km
30Sitapur City10:4010:45Right Time716 km
31Maikalganj11:1811:20Right Time753 km
32Shahjehanpur13:0013:05Right Time802 km
33Bareilly14:0714:12Right Time873 km
34Moradabad15:4515:53Right Time963 km
35Najibabad Jn17:2017:22Right Time1062 km
36Laksar Jn18:0018:02Right Time1103 km
37Saharanpur19:0519:15Right Time1156 km
38Yamunanagar Jagadhri19:4119:43Right Time1186 km
39Ambala Cant Jn20:5021:00Right Time1237 km
40Rajpura Jn21:2421:26Right Time1265 km
41Sirhind Jn21:4821:50Right Time1290 km
42Dhandari Kalan22:3822:40Right Time1344 km
43Ludhiana Jn22:5523:00Right Time1351 km
44Phillaur Jn23:1423:16Right Time1364 km
45Phagwara Jn23:3623:38Right Time1386 km
46Jalandhar Cant23:5423:56Right Time1403 km
47Jalandhar City00:1300:201408 km
49Amritsar Jn01:50Cancelled