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15211 JANNAYAK EXP Running status

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Darbhanga Jn-DBG
EExpected17:20 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Darbhanga Jn17:20Right TimeYet to start
2Laheria Sarai17:2917:34Right Time4 km
3Haiaghat17:4317:45Right Time15 km
4Samastipur Jn18:3518:58Right Time37 km
5Karpoorigram19:0719:09Right Time43 km
6Dholi19:2419:26Right Time64 km
7Muzaffarpur Jn20:1520:25Right Time89 km
8Motipur20:5720:59Right Time115 km
9Mehsi21:1021:12Right Time128 km
10Chakia21:2121:23Right Time137 km
11Bapudm Motihari22:0822:13Right Time168 km
12Sagauli Jn22:3322:35Right Time189 km
13Bettiah22:5322:58Right Time211 km
14Chanpatia23:1123:13Right Time228 km
15Narkatiaganj Jn23:3323:38Right Time248 km
16Harinagar00:0300:05Right Time263 km
17Bagaha00:3100:36Right Time290 km
18Khada01:2401:26Right Time319 km
19Siswa Bazar01:4001:42Right Time333 km
20Ghughuli01:5401:56Right Time344 km
21Kaptanganj Jn02:1302:18Right Time359 km
22Pipraich02:4602:48Right Time379 km
23Gorakhpur03:4003:50Right Time398 km
24Basti04:5004:53Right Time462 km
25Gonda Jn06:1006:25Right Time552 km
26Burhwal Jn07:3507:40Right Time613 km
27Mahmudabad Avadh08:1808:20Right Time650 km
28Sitapur Cant10:1010:20Right Time711 km
29Sitapur City10:4010:45Right Time715 km
30Maikalganj11:1811:20Right Time753 km
31Shahjehanpur12:3712:40Right Time802 km
32Bareilly13:4713:52Right Time872 km
33Moradabad15:2515:35Right Time963 km
34Najibabad Jn17:1517:20Right Time1061 km
35Laksar Jn17:5718:02Right Time1102 km
36Saharanpur19:0519:15Right Time1155 km
37Yamunanagar Jagadhri19:4119:43Right Time1186 km
38Ambala Cant Jn20:5021:00Right Time1237 km
39Rajpura Jn21:2421:26Right Time1265 km
40Sirhind Jn21:4621:48Right Time1290 km
41Dhandari Kalan22:3822:40Right Time1343 km
42Ludhiana Jn22:5523:00Right Time1350 km
43Phillaur Jn23:1323:15Right Time1364 km
44Phagwara Jn23:3623:38Right Time1386 km
45Jalandhar Cant23:5423:56Right Time1402 km
46Jalandhar City00:1300:20Right Time1407 km
47Beas00:5200:54Right Time1443 km
48Amritsar Jn01:50Right Time1486 km