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15212 JANNAYAK EXP Running status

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Amritsar Jn-ASR
EExpected19:05 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Amritsar Jn19:05Right TimeYet to start
2Beas19:3319:35Right Time42 km
3Jalandhar City20:1320:20Right Time78 km
4Phagwara Jn20:3620:38Right Time99 km
5Phillaur Jn20:5620:58Right Time122 km
6Ludhiana Jn21:2521:35Right Time135 km
7Dhandari Kalan21:4621:48Right Time142 km
8Sirhind Jn22:3422:36Right Time195 km
9Rajpura Jn22:5522:56Right Time221 km
10Ambala Cant Jn23:3523:45Right Time249 km
11Yamunanagar Jagadhri00:3300:38Right Time300 km
12Saharanpur01:2501:40Right Time330 km
13Laksar Jn02:3702:42Right Time383 km
14Najibabad Jn03:2003:25Right Time424 km
15Moradabad05:1005:18Right Time522 km
16Bareilly06:4906:52Right Time613 km
17Shahjehanpur07:5708:00Right Time684 km
18Maikalganj08:4808:50Right Time733 km
19Sitapur City09:5009:55Right Time770 km
20Sitapur Cant10:1010:20Right Time775 km
21Mahmudabad Avadh11:1811:20Right Time835 km
22Burhwal Jn11:5011:55Right Time873 km
23Gonda Jn12:5513:10Right Time934 km
24Basti14:2714:30Right Time1023 km
25Gorakhpur16:0016:15Right Time1087 km
26Kaptanganj Jn16:4816:53Right Time1126 km
27Ghughuli17:1317:15Right Time1141 km
28Siswa Bazar17:3317:35Right Time1152 km
29Khada17:5818:00Right Time1167 km
30Bagaha18:4318:48Right Time1196 km
31Harinagar19:1019:12Right Time1222 km
32Narkatiaganj Jn19:3819:43Right Time1237 km
33Chanpatia19:5820:00Right Time1257 km
34Bettiah20:1720:22Right Time1274 km
35Sagauli Jn20:4020:42Right Time1296 km
36Bapudm Motihari20:5821:03Right Time1317 km
37Chakia21:2621:28Right Time1349 km
38Mehsi21:3721:39Right Time1357 km
39Motipur21:5021:52Right Time1370 km
40Muzaffarpur Jn23:5500:05Right Time1397 km
41Dholi00:2500:27Right Time1422 km
42Karpoorigram00:4200:44Right Time1442 km
43Samastipur Jn01:1001:40Right Time1448 km
44Haiaghat02:0302:05Right Time1470 km
45Laheria Sarai02:1802:23Right Time1481 km
46Darbhanga Jn03:00Right Time1486 km